Water Rust to Water TRUST

An open source collaboration platform to develop knowledge-based Water Trust for minimizing corrosion induced water losses (Non Revenue) and assuring every drop of water to reach its destination at no extra cost.

We turn Water Rust to Water Trust is a not-for profit collaboration platform launched to:
- Gather news on water leakages (Non-Revenue Water) reported through various channels in India.
- Collaborate with worldwide water conservation service providers, professionals, utility users and networking groups to find technology answers for minimising corrosion induced water leakages and contamination.
- Network with design houses, government and non-government agencies to create awareness for corrosion induced problems in drinking water supplied to the Public.
- Encourage research establishments in India to undertake appropriate material and corrosion control research programs for resolving the perennial water management issues.
- Assure Every Drop of Water to reach its destination at no extra cost.


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