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India - Oilfield Chemicals - Dorf Ketal Chemicals acquires US-based Flow-Chem Technologies. Our Viewpoint: Our country's chemistry and chemical engineering oriented talent pool can be utilised to meet the growing demand in Corrosion Control

Our Viewpoint: It is great to see the acquisition and collaboration with the foreign supply systems to strengthen the market presence and deliver collective experience for resolving process and corrosion issues in oil & gas industry. Challenge is always there to prove the real need for chemical treatment in many industrial processes. Actually, these chemicals differ from the commodity ones. It is not the supply of chemical alone. Each process requires a great deal of analysis in designing a customised treatment to suit the real world conditions that call for continuous research and development support. Considering the complex nature of chemical treatment, it is technologically advisable to have a good blend of R&D with the operation and maintenance of such systems and find cost-effective life-cycle answers. Our country's chemistry and chemical engineering oriented talent pool can be utilised to meet the growing demand and design industry-friendly applied education.

Dorf Ketal Chemicals acquires US-based Flow-Chem Technologies
Press Trust of India |  New Delhi
March 7, 2016 Last Updated at 18:48 IST

Dorf Ketal Chemicals India has completed the acquisition of US-based Flow-Chem Technologies to expand in oil and gas upstream market.

Flow-Chem is a specialty oilfield chemical provider that operates across Gulf of Mexico and US onshore market with blending facilities located at Rayne, Louisiana and Pleasanton, Texas in the US and multiple warehouses.

"This acquisition is aligned to Dorf Ketal's strategic vision of having significant presence in both upstream and downstream hydrocarbon market," the Mumbai-based company said in a statement.

The acquisition would enable bringing in synergies of the research and development capabilities of both the companies in the oil and gas sector.

"The acquisition provides a ready conduit through existing contacts to introduce Dorf Ketal's differentiated technologies to accelerate entry into the US upstream market," said Subodh Menon, Dorf Ketal's Founder & Director - Operations & Business Development.

Menon said that there will be manufacturing and supply chain synergies to increase cost competitiveness in the challenging oilfield market.

"Flow-chem's portfolio of oilfield production and drilling products will be combined with Dorf Ketal's products currently servicing offshore fields in Brazil to improve capabilities of both entities," said David Johnson, President, Dorf Ketal Oilfield Chemicals.

In January this year, Dorf Ketal had announced the acquisition of Filtra Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd.

Dorf Ketal Chemicals India is a privately owned specialty chemical company with operations in the Asia Pacific, China, Europe, South America and North America.

It provides formulated specialty chemicals to upstream and downstream oil and gas markets and is market leader in organometallic catalysts and cross-linkers serving a broad range of applications and industries.

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Publication Date: 07 Mar 2016

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