Saturday, October 10, 2015

India announces new climate change targets - Our Corrosion Management Viewpoint: We expect reduced atmospheric corrosion rate of Infrastructure and Public Assets to visualize GREEN shades in our Corrosion Map

Our Viewpoint: The approach of collaborative research and development is a welcome move. At the same time, our government has to institute an independent arm for close monitoring of the research activities executed by various resources in India. The productivity of present research works conducted by a pool of academic and research establishments is always questionable. There is a big gap between the research sources and the end-users. We need proper vigilance on the research funds allocated for resolving society conscious issues. Systematic reviews of research progress have to be compulsorily carried out by purely a nonprofit establishment comprising public, manufacturers, industrial users, civil servants and policy makers to provide unbiased research analysis.

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Publication Date: 03 October 2015

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