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India - Stainless Steel Manufacturing - Government to bar sale of sub-standard stainless steel, utensil makers face uncertain future - Our View Point: Most of the homewares do not carry a proper warranty for the lifetime performance of materials

Our View Point:
It is a good move to bar sub-standard stainless steel reaching consumers. Material selection is normally generalized to specify the materials suitable for various purposes. There is no universal material that work in all types of environments. Corrosion of materials is one of the life limiting phenomena that is effected due to variations in environmental conditions. Various grades of stainless steels available in the market exhibit different corrosion patterns. Performance of stainless steels used by the consumers living in the vicinity of coastal and industrial zones is entirely different from the one used in other geographical location. Although limited time warranty is given for few finished products like electronic appliances and machineries that use SS as materials of construction, there is no structured quality assurance policy instituted by the government to ensure the performance of stainless steel in various environments and  manufactured items. Most of the homewares do not carry a proper warranty for the lifetime performance of materials. Consumers pay higher cost to choose reliable items in terms of performance and quality. The intention of choosing the higher material is to get rid off main issues like corrosion and gloss. The key question on the life of SS components is
yet to be resolved. We do not see credit given for corrosion control of metallic structures in our country. Awareness on corrosion control has to be effectively implemented by our government to encourage  material conservation efforts. Stainless steel material manufacturers need to establish a proper collaboration with corrosion control community to resolve the problems faced by the public and assist the domestic utensil manufacturers for finding consumer-friendly life time performance-oriented solutions. Our group We CAN Control Corrosion in India, a non-profit networking initiative, welcomes the manufacturers and consumers to use the collaborative knowledge base available for corrosion control.
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Publication Date: 01 Aug 2015

In what will be a major blow to utensil manufacturers, the central government is going to prohibit trading in sub-standard stainless steel. Utensil exporters, however, would not be covered.

Three months will be given to traders and utensil manufacturers to adhere to the guidelines, once notified. The order, says the steel ministry, goes: “No person shall by himself or through any person on his behalf manufacture or store for sale, sell or distribute any stainless steel product which
do not conform to the specified standards and do not bear the standard mark of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), on obtaining a certification mark licence from BIS.”

Primarily, stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils (IS 5522), low nickel austenitic stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils and kitchen appliances (IS 15997) and stainless steel plate, sheet and strip (IS 6911) grades of raw materials require mandatory BIS certification from now.

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