Friday, October 17, 2014

India - Rusty Water to Clean Water - Corrosion of pipelines and fixtures, a major material and health concern in water distribution systems

Water management and research establishments normally explore contaminants that originate at the ground source and pollutants discharged into the main water bodies. They ignore the contaminants that come through corrosion of materials used for water distribution. Present regulations and standards available for infrastructure design, water quality monitoring, operation of aged distribution assets and most importantly, hygienic aspects do not provide any encouragement for corrosion control. High level of Iron contaminant cases reported in many leakage incidents clearly explain the alarming situation of corrosion issue.

Our country uses mixed bag of old and new pipelines with major proposition of iron based materials to transport huge volume of water and distribute to numerous household connections. Contamination proliferates when water with original contaminants is transported through distribution system that uses a variety of unproven materials of construction and uncontrolled disinfectant process.

When iron contamination occurs, our immediate focus is on physical treatment like filtration to remove the unaccepted iron count or getting clinical based antidotes. Our water management agencies do not attempt to find the main causes for this problem and resolve it through proper operation and maintenance of supply network. Corrosivity of water will change from place to place based on the composition. Proper materials of construction have to be selected to suit the specific corrosive situation based on the life cycle analysis executed for the entire network. We need turn Water Rust to Water TRUST

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