Monday, September 8, 2014

India - Water conservation plan to be unveiled on September 25, 2014, Ministry of water resources and river development- Our comment: We need to turn Water Rust to Water TRUST and create awareness for corrosion induced water losses

Water conservation plan to be unveiled on September 25

NEW DELHI: Government has decided to launch a national scheme to conserve water on September 25 — the birth anniversary of late philosopher and political thinker Deen Dayal Upadhyaya.

The idea is to conserve the scarce resource through a multi-pronged approach, involving state governments, general public and NGOs.

The annual per capita availability of water is decreasing due to increasing population, indiscriminate use and growing pollution. The new scheme may focus on ground water recharge, use of recycled water and promoting better water use practices in a big way in all sectors under a structured nationwide programme.

Announcing the decision to launch the scheme, the union water resources and river development minister Uma Bharti on Friday asked officials of her ministry to prepare the final blue-print of the 'National Water Conservation and Water Enrichment' scheme within 11 days so that it could be kicked off on time.

Seeking free and frank opinion of the officers on various issues, the minister also asked the officials to extend their suggestions "without any fear and hesitation".

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Publication Date: 06 September 2014

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  1. Our non-revenue water is increasing day by day. We see numerous incidents of pipeline leakages reported in our country. Corrosion induced pipeline leakage is one of the major concerns completely ignored by water management authorities. There is no focus on these issues covered in the integrated monitoring plan and water policy administered by the central system. There is a misconception that nothing can be done about corrosion of old pipelines and the assets in entire distribution network. Numerous incidents of high levels of iron that contaminated public water distribution systems are reported in many parts of India. This is not produced from the water bodies. Now is the time to create awareness for corrosion in water infrastructure and encourage the design houses to employ proper life cycle analysis and choose water composition specific material and corrosion control system.


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