Saturday, September 13, 2014

India - Corrosion Management and Asset Integrity policies of Oil and Gas companies need to be reviewed

It is the collective responsibility of all asset owners involved in the entire petroleum value chain to assure that the corrosion risks from one side are not transferred to the other party by implementing the adequate mitigation and monitoring means. They need to change their approach from reactive to predictive one . Upsets in stream composition and operating conditions are the precursors for accumulation of risks to an unacceptable level. Corrosion management policies of our oil and gas companies have to be reviewed through an independent audit system involving domain experts. They need to develop a proper corrosion management plan for their assets and should follow predictive approach.  We do not find the proper human resources for corrosion monitoring and control in their setup. Internal talent system of these companies should be properly equipped with corrosion management knowledge base to resolve the integrity challenges.

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