Tuesday, August 5, 2014

India - Science and Technology - Scientist calls for collaboration in energy: fault in the extent of collaboration between individuals and organisations.

Scientist calls for collaboration in energy

A country which was able to create its own fast breeder nuclear reactor does not have engineers to design windmills, said scientist Baldev Raj, while delivering the Brahm Prakash Memorial medal lecture at IIT-Madras, on Monday.

Bhaskar Ramamurthi, director, IIT-M, presented the medal, instituted by the Indian National Science Academy, to Mr. Raj who delivered a lecture titled ‘A Perspective on Technology Challenges with Emphasis on Energy Security and Sustainability’.

Touching on various subjects regarding production of electricity from various sources and its transmission, Mr. Raj found fault in the extent of collaboration between individuals and organisations, and the inability to create breakthrough technologies in the power sector.

He cited the background for creating indigenous fast breeder reactor technology by involving 250 organisations. He also pointed out that energy conservation required a community effort and the government alone could not make a big impact in energy efficiency.

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  1. It is good to read observations from Dr Raj. The present status of collaboration between various scientific and industrial resources in our country is not showing an encouraging sign for the innovators with big ideas. Collaboration is very much needed in areas that call for interdisciplinary approach of conserving the present energy and material resources through innovative practices and developing entirely brand new indigenous technologies. There are many challenges associated with establishing science and technology based entrepreneurial life in India. Our research and development institutions should open their doors for collaboration with the talent pool to give them the energy for tackling the entrepreneurial risks and gaining the essence of technology and business advancements.


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