Thursday, August 28, 2014

India - Medical Implant manufacturers and surgical houses have to closely interact with users for executing evidence based corrosion research to enhance the quality of materials.

It is healthy news for the implant users in India. Our congratulations to the research team in EDI who brought this innovation to the market. Corrosion of implants is one of the areas like water contamination that directly affects the public. They do not know how to select the proper materials suitable for the body conditions. The judgment is merely made on the cost basis provided by medical houses. When a compromise is made on cost, the users with corrosive implants are exposed to many after effect health impacts. Corrosivity of implants is influenced by the composition of body fluid and the practices the implant users follow for their routine activities. It is highly impractical to simulate the exact composition of body fluid in the laboratory to test various material choices for implants. Selection is made on trial and error basis. This leads to many uncertainties when the failures are reported by the end-users. Implant manufacturers and medical houses have to closely interact with the users to create awareness for corrosion of implants and execute evidence based research to enhance the quality of materials. When maintenance of any material after corrosion is impossible like the one for implants, it should be a lifetime corrosion resistant material selected for the intended purpose. Manufacturers should provide corrosion control warranty for these products. Our government system has to encourage the implementation of corrosion control for such critical areas through providing incentives for research, encouraging indigenous efforts or minimizing duty on imported technologies and components. Present research status on this public issue in India is not showing an encouraging sign to the end-users. We need to bridge the experience of overseas Indians in this domain with the talent and research system in India. We CAN Control Corrosion in India

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