Thursday, August 7, 2014

Corrosion of Electronic Gadgets due to human sweat - An OTA update to fix corrosion on the LG G Watch - Users have been complaining about a skin irritation while wearing Watch, especially during an exercise

An OTA update to fix corrosion on the LG G Watch?

Seems strange, but it is pretty much possible. LG’s G Watch users have complained of irritation on the skin where the watch touches the body.

Android police reported that LG G Watch users have been complaining about a skin irritation while wearing the LG G Watch, especially during an exercise.

The reason — while exercising, the body sweat, which contains salt, reacts with the charging pins on the rear panel of the watch. This creates corrosion and irritation to the user’s skin.

The main reason behind the corrosive issues is that the LG G Watch has a small amount of current passing through it even when it is not being charged on the charging dock. This small current reacts with the salt in the sweat to cause a chemical reaction between the charging terminals.

In order to overcome the problem, LG has rolled out an OTA update which can prevent the corrosive reaction and stop the skin irritation.

You may be wondering how a software update can prevent corrosion. Yes, anyone would too.

Well, LG’s G Watch OTA update will cut off the power output to the pins when it is not on the dock. This will have no reaction with the salt in the sweat and prevent the corrosion. However, those who already have a corroded pin issue would have to get the watch serviced from an LG service center.

LG should have taken care of the problem at the design stage itself. A watch will definitely be in contact with the skin and the sweat can corrode the pins (usually made from copper) within a few days. Now that the issue has been made public, it is likely of LG to call back all units to have the pins replaced with a durable metal that would not corrode. Hopefully, those who are not using their LG G Watch smartwatch could benefit from the new OTA.

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Publication Date: 06 August 2014

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  1. Corrosion of electronic gadgets is an environment specific issue. We do not find material warranty for no corrosion issued by the manufacturers. It is good to note that the present case is resolved through software update. Human sweat is one of the prime sources for corrosion of handrails, door knobs, and metallic fixtures. Composition of this sweat is the main driver. But the reaction time is very slow. You can see it after years. Corrosion of electronic components is fast due to the current applied across the circuits that are exposed to moist environment like human sweat, air humidity and coastal area. This has greater impact on Television, Refrigerator, Air conditioning units and washing machines. There is no proper corrosion awareness for public instituted by the manufacturing and research establishments.


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