Sunday, July 13, 2014

India - Water Pipeline Leakage in Andhra - Wastage of nearly 5 to 7 million gallons per day of water of the total Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) supply of nearly 65-67 mgd

VISAKHAPATNAM: After the initial euphoria about the southwest monsoon finally making its arrival, Vizagites are now worried about the quality of drinking water being supplied by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). All thanks to rampant leakages in the GVMC pipelines posing health hazards due to mixing of sewage and rain water with drinking water along the pipeline network.

In fact, TOI spotted a leaking GVMC water supply pipeline, leading into a drainage canal, at Siripuram Junction. This apart, there are several complaints filed by residents of areas like Jagadamba Centre and Poorna Market in the Old City, Maharanipeta, AVN College, HB Colony, Pedagantyada, Kancharapalem, Gopalapatnam, Sivajipalem and Pithapuram Colony about leaking pipes to the GVMC. In fact, most of the complainants allege that the leakages mostly occur at junctions where pipelines intersect with drainage canals

One such complainant is Vizag Steel Plant employee K Ramesh, who lodged a plaint with GVMC about a leaking pipeline in Pedagantyada area where he resides. "I brought the water leakage issue to the attention of the GVMC commissioner through a complaint on July 8, but there has been no response from him till date. We are worried that this leakage may result in contamination of tap water due to mixing of rain water," he said.

Meanwhile, GVMC superintending engineer (water works), D Mariyanna said leakages were resulting in a wastage of nearly 5-7 million gallons per day of water of the total GVMC supply of nearly 65-67 mgd to meet the demands of 66 bulk, 3,200 semi-bulk and 2 lakh general tap connection holders in the city, including Anakapalle and Bheemili. "GVMC has to invest about Rs 17,000 per day to procure one MGD of water," Mariyanna added.

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Publication Date: 13 July 2014

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  1. Leakage of water pipelines and contamination of supply water are taking the constant space in daily news of various media in India. Our country is rated water scarce nation by 2050 in many analysis reported by worldwide water management and conservation agencies. It is not only the huge loss of our precious water resources, but also leading to contamination of water supplied to the public. Corrosion of pipelines is one of the major causes for such leakages. Although many schemes are announced for supplying safe water to the public, we are yet to have a coordinated plan of resolving this perennial issue. None of the present water management schemes focus on the corrosion aspects. Our water management authorities should have close vigilance on the aged pipeline assets and plan for proper maintenance. New pipeline projects should use the proper life cycle analysis to select the right materials of construction and design for suitable corrosion control measure in the initial stage itself.


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