Thursday, July 10, 2014

India - Corrosion Control Conference - Delhi to host International Galvanizing Conference on July 10-11, 2014, jointly organised by International Zinc Association and Hindustan Zinc

KOLKATA: International Zinc Association along with Hindustan ZincBSE 1.92 % is organizing an International Galvanizing Conference in Delhi on July 10- 11 2014.

Around 150 Indian and International experts, opinion leaders, the makers of zinc, galvanizers, first and end users of galvanized products, including top industry executives from Railways, highway authorities, architects and design consultants would come together at the meet to deliberate on the issue of corrosion and discuss the issue of corrosion and discuss how to build sustainable infrastructure for the country.

India is self-sufficient in both steel capacity, being the fourth largest producer in the world, as well as zinc capacity being the third largest producer, globally.

However, in spite of adequate resources, there is huge untapped potential in India, as evident in the low per capita domestic consumption of steel at 57 kg against a world average of 215 kg, and low per capita consumption of zinc at 0.5 kg against a world average of 1.9 kg.

However, India loses around 4-5 per cent of GDP annually on account of corrosion losses. Galvanizing is thus not only important for the long life of public structures, but also for the safety and security of the public using these structures daily.

The country is going through the phase of urbanization and in the upcoming Infrastructure boom, in which galvanization plays a key role.

The conference will be attended by minister for steel, mines, labour and employment Narendra Singh Tomar as Chief Guest, and minister of state for steel, mines, labour and employment, Vishnu Deo Sai as Guest of Honour.

Other participants would include Tom Albanese, CEO of Vedanta Resources Plc., with key note address by International Zinc Association executive director, Stephen Wilkinson.

Renowned analyst Andrew Thomas from Wood Mackenzie will provide industry outlook. Officials from Railways, CPWD, NHAI would highlight the potential for galvanizing, followed by sessions from architects, galvanizers and industry opinion leaders on galvanizing in public and private infrastructure.

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Publication Date: 09 July 2014

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    Good to see the conference on galvanization. This is one of the prime corrosion control areas that find extensive application in components generally used by the Public. There are numerous Electroplating shops spread across our country, especially concentrated in the Industrial clusters that house SMEs for engineering and automobile components. It is one of the high rated entrepreneurial ventures for the breeds of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) who do not have exposure in basic material or corrosion science. We need to find a suitable mechanism for effectively translating the experience of high-end scientific and technical developments that happen across the big players and transmitting it to the small scale entrepreneurs. Corrosion awareness for public has to be coordinated to give them an assurance on the galvanized products they buy for domestic use.


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