Monday, June 23, 2014

Corrosion Management Design Query from our networking contact: Generally, What mistakes the designer does during the design stage of equipment? Degradation of equipment due to corrosion & creep / fatigue is very common in Oil & gas industries resulting in poor life and catastrophes

1. Process Design Basis - Corrosive constituents are generally overlooked at the time of formulation and simulation of process design basis. Minor Changes in composition do not dramatically alter the chemical processing and financial expectations of company, but significantly impact material performance. 

2. Corrosion risk assessment during concept select and FEED stages - Selection of appropriate methodology is a fundamental requirement for deriving the usefulness of corrosion risk assessment in the initial phase and then comparing with in-service performance. The risk assessment can be performed through different channels: based on software models/local-regional-international standards/experience from similar units/related plant operation within the same corporate or different corporates in the same geography or elsewhere in the world. If any misconception is encountered in this stage, it will be a life long challenge for various assets/entire plant.

3. Life cycle analysis - Suitable method and cost components should be explored to find the proper meaning for material selection at any point of in-service performance. Ignorance of early warning signals will lead the way for failures of equipments. A balance sheet on annual basis should be developed to assess the "live" performance.  

4. Corrosion control practices - Once the materials and associated corrosion control methods are selected, the application of control measures shouldn't follow the "theoretical" practices. It should be field specific and driven through a "live" management system.

When activities in the above stages are completely or partially ignored, there will not be any guarantee for the performance of equipments. It's not designer fault alone. There will be a lot of difference between the manufacturing defects and operational imperfections. Material Performance is purely based on the collective effort.    

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