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India - Oil and Gas Production - Global Tender- EXPRESSION OF INTEREST For Provision of Comprehensive Process Corrosion Study at RAJASTHAN BLOCK, Cairn India Limited

Cairn India Ltd (“CIL”) is the Operator of the Onshore RJ-ON-90/1 block, on behalf of itself and its Joint Venture (JV) partners Cairn Energy Hydrocarbons Limited (CEHL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), located in Barmer district, in the state of Rajasthan, India. The Block contains number of
major oil discoveries, including the Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya Fields.

The scope of work/ services would broadly consist of the following:

To meet the resource requirement CIL intend to award contract for Corrosion study interested competent party. The brief scope of work of the contractor under this contract is to carry out Corrosion study as per the requirement of CIL for Rajasthan asset.

The contractor is responsible for the Corrosion Study involving the following:

1. To complete the corrosion study/ assessment by site visits, carrying out ICDA and to identify key corrosion areas with clear recommendations to mitigate corrosion threats to maintain corrosion rate < 3mpy.
2. The entire corrosion study scope will be completed in 3 phases
3. The corrosion study is a time bound activity and to be completed in 8 months’ time from the start date of Phase I study.
4. The contract is applicable for Mangala infield assets and interconnecting pipelines Contract by its technical methodology has been split into phases at sole discretion of company.

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Publication Date: 12 Oct 2013
EOI Submission Last Date: 25 Oct 2013

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India - Corrosion Control - NACE International India Section Corrosion Awareness Award Winners 2013

NACE International Honors Dignitaries for their Contribution towards Corrosion Awareness New Delhi, October 2, 2013: In order to appreciate the work done by the corrosion fraternity, NACE distributed Corrosion Awareness Awards on Wednesday to acknowledge the contributions of the individuals and organizations. The awards recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to the corrosion industry.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C) Mr. Srikant Kumar Jena, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers sent a congratulatory message to the organizers and said, “It gives me immense pleasure that NACE International Gateway Section is organizing such a conference which provides a common platform for sharing and exchange of knowledge pertaining to critical issues of Corrosion. I hope that this international conference shall also facilitate and augment the business relationships of Indian companies with international companies.”

List of 19th Corrosion Awards winners at NACE World CORCON 2013:-
Excellence in Corrosion Science & Technology
Award for individual working in research/ educational organization
Dr. Mumtaz, Ahmad Quarisi, Prof.& Head, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
Dr. S.K. Shrivastav, Chief Chemist, IEOT, ONGC, Panvel, Navi Mumbai
Distinction in Corrosion Science and technology
Award for an individual between 25 to 40 years of age working in an Industrial Organization
Mr. Ashish Khera, P. Eng, Director
Allied Engineers, N Delhi
Distinction in Corrosion Science and technology
For an individual between 25 to 40 of age working in the field of education & research
Dr. M. Kiran Kumar, Scientist Materials Science Division, BARC, Mumbai
Excellent Laboratory Award
For a material testing and research laboratory in private / public sector
Welspun Corp Ltd. Bhauch, Gujarat
Student Awards
For thesis of a student who obtained Ph D degree in 2012-13 with corrosion as the main subject
Dr. Geogry J Abraham, Student Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
For the thesis of a student who obtained M.Tech. degree in 2012-13 with corrosion as the main subject
Mohammad Umar Farooq Khan, Student Indian Insitute of Technology, Bombay
Meritorious Contribution Award
For field of corrosion science & technology & the activities of NACE & similar organizations
Individual from Industry
Mr. Prabhakar M Fanse, consultant, Varodara, Gujarat
Individual from Education & Research Insitute
Dr. R Venkatesan, Scientist G, Programme Director, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai
Life Time Achievement Award
For distinguished Senior Citizen for his life time contributions to the activities for the growth & development of: NACE International & NIGIS, Corrosion Science & Technology, and Corrosion Awareness in India.
Padma Shri Dr. Baldev Raj
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Publication Date: 02 Oct 2013

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India - Corrosion, a life cycle challenge - Pump Selection, a Puzzle for Public and Material Selection, a Challenge for Pump Manufacturers.

India - Corrosion, a life cycle challenge - Pump Selection, a Puzzle for Public and Material Selection, a Challenge for Pump Manufacturers.

When Pumps come to the minds of public for domestic application, the selection of pumps is always a puzzle for them. The moment the requirement is identified, the users merely check certifications like ISI mark, the only clue available for making a purchase decision.

The technical knowledge required for proper selection of pump set and pipe sizing is clearly out of the reach of public, especially farmers, who are the final consumers.

There are many weaknesses associated with the development of pump manufacturing sector. Major contributors are: Absence of innovative approach to improve the existing processes and usage of low grade raw materials so as to produce cheaper products that are not efficient by unorganised sector (Source: BDS, Coimbatore)

There is vast difference between the cost-intensive pumps imported for specialised applications from the manufacturers with access for the latest developments in materials and corrosion research and the low cost pumps manufactured locally without the involvement of appropriate material selection process. This difference is truly a life cycle challenge for the pump users as well as manufacturers
in India.

Article Source: Chemical Engineering World
Publication Date: Sept 2013

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