Tuesday, July 16, 2013

India - Corrosion Control - Renovation of Pamban bridge gains momentum - Coating Maintenance Frequency needs to be improved

Renovation of Pamban bridge gains momentum

The Pamban road bridge, connecting the mainland to the pilgrim town of Rameswaram, will be closed to traffic for 40 minutes every day for the next two and a half months as renovation works gain momentum.
The Rs 18.57 crore upkeep and renovation work of the 2.345 km long bridge began on April 11 in the lead up to its silver jubilee next year. The Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge was inaugurated by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on October 2, 1988.

The bridge was closed to traffic for 20 minutes on Monday as M. R. Hitech Engineers Private Ltd., which has entered into a joint venture with the Chennai based Trinity & Co., began replacing the existing 592 Elastomeric Neoprene bearings with new ones.

The National Highways has entered into an agreement with the two companies to complete the work in a year. Trinity & Co. will do the anti-corrosive painting work, while M R Hitech Engineers, the engineering and electrical works, sources said.

The bridge has received anti-corrosive coats of paint only twice- in 1992 and 2002. Situated in the world’s second most corrosion-prone zone, the bridge would need a protective coat of paint every five years, sources said.

Publication Date: 04 June 2013

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