Monday, February 4, 2013

India - Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering- BTech Course - Invitation from Centre for Education, CECRI for Campus Recruitment

Dear Sir

CECRI (Central Electro Chemical Research Institute), Karaikudi, established in 1953, is one of the pioneering research institutions in the field of electrochemical science and technology. Governed by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), and guided by a team of highly qualified and internationally acclaimed scientists, it has evolved as the largest institute in Asia focusing on the electrochemical sciences.

The present R&D thrust is on Fuel cells, Batteries, Corrosion science and engineering, Electrochemical instrumentation, Electrochemical materials science, Electrochemical pollution control, Electrodics and Electrocatalysis, Electro metallurgy, Functional materials, Industrial metal finishing, Electroplating and Nanoscale electrochemistry, to quote a very few from a large spectrum of ongoing activities.

CECRI has been hosting a prestigious four year, eight semester B.Tech program in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering since 1988, with the goal of initiating scientific temper in the bright, evolving generation of India. The admission for this course is through the unified single window admission system of Anna University.

The course is a unique and a judicious blend of Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. The curriculum includes chemical engineering subjects like Process calculations, Chemical engineering thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Equipment design, Heat and Mass transfer and Electrochemical engineering subjects like Electrodics & Electro catalysis, Electrochemical reaction engineering, Corrosion science & engineering, Electrochemical energy storage systems, Electroplating etc. The students also get an opportunity to work hands-on during the practicals. Kindly refer the following link to know more about the syllabus.

An aspect of its singularity is that the course is conducted by eminent scientists and engineers, who are personally involved in various research and developmental activities of Electrochemical Science and Technology. With a highly-focussed objective of moulding the aspiring and intelligent young minds into great technologists, CECRI provides them with real time exposure on flag-ship research projects that focus on finding solutions to the significant problems faced by the industry.

The intensive industrial internships and the students involvement in various activities such as event management, participating in national and international seminars make them job-ready-professionals when they enter their fourth year. The constant guidance by the eminent alumni of CECRI in the form of seminars, interactions and sharing of experiences enable our students in touch with the dynamics of the industry.

We welcome you for an exclusive visit to our campus where you can find an enabling atmosphere. We will be too pleased to extend our assistance such as guest house accommodation, transport etc. to make the recruitment process, a truly remarkable experience.

We earnestly look forward to your esteemed visit to our campus. We can also arrange an online interview through video conferencing.

Best Regards

Mr. R V Alagesan
Scientist&Head, TTBD
IP Coordinator
Placement officer, CFE
Central Electrochemical Research Institute(CECRI)
Karaikudi-630 006,Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :91-4565-227713(O)/229350(O)
Fax :91-4565-227713.
Mobile : 09443005416

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