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India - Academics - Science and Engineering Education - Request for Internships in Corrosion Management for BTech Metallurgical Engineering Student, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

We have a pool of graduate and research students in our forum, We CAN Control Corrosion in India, a Science and Engineering Diasporas Network. As a part of their curriculum, they are interested do Internship in Corrosion Management. We know the difficulty in finding a proper placement/research opportunity for Corrosion Management in India. Our referral would be of great help to the students community in choosing Corrosion Management as their career path. I'd like to introduce these students to our forum.   Mr Jayanth Reddy Mareddy, B Tech Metallurgical Engineering Student, IIT (BHU), Varanasi

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

India - Water Infrastructure - Indo-Japan Collaboration - Hitachi Consortium signed Water Purchase Agreement for Seawater Desalination Project in Dahej SEZ, Gujarat, India

Japanese firm Hitachi, on Friday, announced that a consortium comprising Hitachi and Hyflux had signed an agreement with Dahej Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for a sea-water desalination project in Gujarat.

The consortium signed a water purchase agreement with Dahej Special Economic Zone in Gujarat, Hitachi Ltd said in a statement issued here.

The consortium plans to construct a sea water desalination plant in an industrial park within Dahej SEZ, and provide a stable supply of industrial water over a period of 30 years (including the construction period). “Hitachi will work closely with Hyflux to successfully implement the project, in order to facilitate the use of water resources in Dahej SEZ in Gujarat,” Hitachi president Hiroaki Nakanishi said.

The project involves construction of a 336,000 m³/d seawater desalination plant in an industrial park within Dahej SEZ in Gujarat and stable supply of industrial water over a period of 30 years (including the construction period).

It is one of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Projects being promoted jointly by the Japanese and Indian governments, involving the construction of industrial parks between Delhi and Mumbai (approximately 1,500 km) utilizing private sector capital.

The consortium will conduct discussions toward the final agreement with DSL planned for around fall 2013, after obtaining environmental assessment approval and achieving the financial close.

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Publication Date: 11 January 2013

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Publication Date: 11 January 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

India - Research and Technology - How Indian companies can change the future of research?

Although IITs and a few top-notch institutions exist in India, many of the new colleges that have come up in the past 20 years lack necessary infrastructure. At the same time, research bodies too have lost touch with the needs of the country and the industry and cater to a programme that runs on churning out PhDs instead of working on innovations. The absence of a dependable and equipped higher education system in the country and a bureaucratic scientific tradition has thrown up a massive casualty: research.

Apart from companies, the government also appears to be convinced that the private sector can play a huge role in research. This is the reason why, after having extended invitations under the public private partnership (PPP) route to the industry to collaborate on building roads, airports, railways and water, the government sees a huge role for the private sector in research and development (R&D) as well.

This collaboration between companies and campuses has been cemented under the National Functional Knowledge Hub project. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) started the knowledge hub programme and has planned five such regional hubs in the country to facilitate industry-academia linkages. "These programmes help the institutions to expose their students to the cutting-edge demands of their industry. It also helps companies find solutions through the research work done at these campuses," says Shobha Mishra Ghosh, head of education at Ficci.

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Publication Date: 13 Jan 2013

India - Oil and Gas Production - L&T wins Rs 749 crore offshore contract from ONGC

MUMBAI: Larsen a Toubro has secured an offshore contract valued at Rs 749 crore from the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) for total 'EPCI' - Engineering Procurement Construction a Installation of four wellhead platforms.

The contract was won against international competitive bidding. The project, spread over the Mukta, Bassein and Mumbai High South fields is part of ONGC's strategy to develop marginal fields to meet India's rising energy demands. L&T is scheduled to complete the project by April, 2014. In addition to conventional wellhead facilities, one of the platforms, viz., the 8-127, will also have process gas compression facility.

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Publication Date: 27 August 2012

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