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India - Corrosion Management Tenders - Supply of Corrosion Inhibitor for Cross country pipelines, HPCL


TENDER NUMBER - 12000208-HD-10002,
Tender Notice Date : 21-Dec-2012 Closing date : 30-Jan-2013 - 3:00:00

Brief Scope of work :
Supply of Corrosion Inhibitor (Type -1) to HPCL’s cross country pipelines, viz. Mumbai Pune Solapur Pipeline (MPSPL), Visakh Vijayawada Secunderabad Pipeline (VVSPL), Mundra Delhi Pipeline (MDPL), RamanMandi-Bahadurgarh Pipeline (RBPL), RamanMandi-Bathinda (RBhPL) and Bahadurgarh-Tikrikalan Pipeline (BTPL)
2.1 The Corrosion inhibitor to be supplied should be enlisted in latest “Qualified products list” of products qualified under performance specification MIL-PRF-25017 (Category 1 of QPL) for Inhibitor, Corrosion / Lubricity improver, Fuel soluble.

Party to submit documentary proof of their product and plant approval under Category 1 alongwith Technical (unpriced) Bid.

2.2 The doping of corrosion inhibitor, in no case should affect the quality of the products like Motor Sprit (Petrol), Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Naphtha, Aviation Turbine Fuel etc. being transported in pipelines.

2.3 The chemical shall meet the requirement of testing as per NACE standard Test method NACE TM 0172-2001 (or latest edition) for relative effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitors for minimum B++ rating in laboratory test.

2.4 The vendor shall provide from in house laboratory test data and/or performance certification from end user and or test result from any reputed laboratory with details of dosage rate in ppm, achieved corrosion rate in mills per year (MPY) duly certified by manufacturer as per NACE standard RP-0775-99 (or latest edition). The qualification of the chemical will be based on the level of performance in multi-product petroleum pipelines world wide and documentary evidence of the same.

2.5 The vendor shall indicate the precise manner in which the corrosion inhibitor enables prevention of internal corrosion. Booklet/Brochure shall be submitted.

2.6 The vendor shall indicate whether the product after dosage is time dependant.

The corrosion inhibitor should be shear stable and effective during flow through cross country petroleum pipelines of 10” to 18” diameter and of up to 350 Km length with intermediate booster pump stations and flow rate upto 850 Kl/hr at a differential pressure upto 100 Kg/cm2. During field monitoring, the corrosion rate throughout the pipeline shall be less than 1 MPY with the recommended dose rate by the vendor.

The tender will be evaluated basis 6 PPM rate for normal pumping and 9 PPM for Pigging period. However, parties quoting 6PPM or less would be evaluated at 6 PPM dosage only. Similarly for pigging if the party is quoting 9 PPM or less would be evaluated at 9 PPM dosage only. But parties quoting higher rate of dosage than 6PPM (for normal pumping) and 9 PPM (in case of pigging) would not be considered for tender evaluation.

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Publication Date: 21 December 2012

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