Saturday, November 3, 2012

India - Corrosion Control - Growth of Research and Development in Indian Protective Coatings Business - AkzoNobel inaugurates India Analytical Centre (IAC) in Bangalore

AkzoNobel India has set up a well-equipped ‘analytical centre” to provide better products and faster services to its customers. The centre has been located at the company’s international research lab in Bangalore, according to AkzoNobel spokesperson. Called India Analytical Centre (IAC), the centre will leverage AkzoNobel’s global and local resources to provide quality analytical services to meet the needs of AkzoNobel India’s coatings businesses.

The centre will have the ability to evaluate and certify raw materials, intermediates and products used within the country.

IAC will help in evaluating AkzoNobel products to meet local regulations and specifications. It will also support in making the company a leader in coatings industry in India by providing the right colour solutions.
Instrument technologies
The centre is equipped with instrument technologies like spectroscopy, critical in maintaining the quality standards in raw materials such as resins; rheology used to study the flow and viscosity profile of products in product development and application, and those for thermal analysis and corrosion studies which allow technicians to evaluate product durability under different conditions and over different substrates.

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Publication Date: 30 October 2012

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