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Russia - Corrosion Research - Inhibition of hydrogen sulfide corrosion of steel in gas phase by tributylamine

Inhibition of hydrogen sulfide corrosion of steel in gas phase by tributylamine

R.V. Kashkovskiy, , , Yu.I. Kuznetsov, L.P. Kazansky
Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, Razvilka, Leninskiy Rayon, Moscow District 142717, Russia


The paper is devoted to studying the possibility of application of tributylamine (TBA) as volatile inhibitor of hydrogen sulfide corrosion (HSC) of steels. The influence of С(H2S), pH and temperatures on TBA protective action is studied as well. Amine adsorption on steel surface modified by sulfide has been investigated and TBA impact on its composition and structure has been reviewed using a number of electrochemical methods, ellipsometry and XPS. The contributions of corrosion products and inhibitor films to the total protective effect have been estimated on the basis of the developed method.


► Tributylamine is studied as volatile inhibitor of steel H2S-corrosion. ► Amine adsorption on air oxidized and sulfide modified steel surface is considered. ► Change of surface layers composition under corrosion inhibition is detected using XPS. ► Method for estimating films contributions to the total protection is offered. ► Amine influence on sulfide film cracking is discussed using the developed method.

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Publication Date: July 2012

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