Thursday, September 20, 2012

Research-Industry Collaboration: Is it good to rely on setpoints derived through lab based research programs to characterize real world (industries) situations?

Reliability of research activities depends on many factors. It will vary from sector to sector. If the reliability is in question, what should be the best possible way of establishing a meaningful setpoint relationship between research and real world application?


  1. DHIRENDRA KUMAR • Research is a methodology to prove a scientific concept, which may succeed to a technologically viable product/process. However, results from these efforts may not match with the expectations of real world application. Hence, there is an intermediate process called development, which is to be carried out with constraints prevailing in real world scenario. It may not always possible to convert all research results in a fruitful application. Nonetheless, creative process through research must be supported for future developments.

  2. Manickam Valliappan • There are certain things which go beyond the control of research. Ultimately the success depends on close collaboration. Human factor from industries is one of the major contributor that impacts (both ways - affects or enhances) the validation of research observations and findings. When a research program on the development of new material/enhancing the performance of existing materials is effected, various efforts are made to capture the "industrial" variables useful for simulation in the laboratory. There is a huge gap between the end-users and research groups in capturing variables as well as vetting uncertainties.
    7 days ago

  3. Manickam Valliappan • The process conditions can be simulated; flow geometry can be modelled; equipments can be sized, but the sequence of operation is the challenging part. If research says "introduce andidote within the specified time if a malfunction is noticed", but the response from industry side is not timely due to various reasons. At the same time research needs to capture those "valid" reasons for out of control operation and redesign the simulation. Application in the industry side is influenced by the attitude of people in following the standard operating procedures (SOPs). There is only very little effort in accomodating the research requirements in the industrial SOPs. It is purely dependent on the research-industry relationship.
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