Saturday, September 8, 2012

India - Corrosion Research Jobs - Senior Research Chemist for the development of inhibitors

Senior Research Chemist

Nalco - Pune, MAHARASHTRA, IN (Pune Area, India)

Job Description

Senior Research Chemist
Nalco's Upstream Energy Services focuses on the development of solutions to problems encountered in Oil & Gas Production and pipelines. The major areas of focus includes technologies that increase production, reduce operational costs and protect assets in challenging environments like Deepwater & Ultra-Deepwater, Oil Sands, and High Temperature High Pressure Corrosion.

Key areas of research include development of inhibitors to overcome the issues related to corrosion, Scaling, Wax and Asphaltene deposition in pipelines.

In addition to it, the focus will be to develop new emulsion breakers, foam and anti-foam agents, water clarifiers, viscosity reducers that help enhance or maximize oil and gas production from existing assets.

- PhD in Chemistry (Organic) preferable with post-doctoral experience

- 5+ years of Industrial experience in development of new molecules for specialty applications.

- Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Job: Research & Development

Primary Location: India-Maharashtra-Pune   Article Source: Publication Date: 08 Sept 2012

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