Saturday, June 2, 2012

India - Coatings Research and Development - BASF sets up a coatings technical support lab in India

New Coatings Technical Support Lab in India

Mangalore, India – June 1, 2012

Taking another stride towards developing India as an international competence center, legacy BASF Coatings (India) Private Limited (which subsequently merged with BASF India Limited with effect from 14th January, 2011) has set up a new coatings technical support lab at Mangalore, India. This new facility at Mangalore will support lab activities including product development, analytical testing, certification and new pigment qualification, catering to the coatings customers of BASF outside of India.

Mr. Prasad Chandran, Chairman, BASF Companies in India & Head South Asia, said, “India will continue to be a thriving market for automotive coatings. BASF’s operations have the quality and potential for sustainable growth: a qualified and committed team, state-of-the-art operations, a favorable cost structure and strong customer focus within an overall favorable business environment.” “We believe this technical support lab will benefit our customers significantly and naturally be important for BASF to accomplish its own business objectives, globally. The team in India is well-prepared to take on the additional responsibilities and assume the role of an international technical competence center,” he added.

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Publication Date: 01 June 2012

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