Monday, May 14, 2012

Corrosion of pipelines influences contamination of drinking water, a major concern for many Homemakers in Chennai

Tests show Chennai water full of toxins, germs

CHENNAI: Tap water in most parts of the city is full of disease-causing germs, toxic sediments and human and animal faeces. In places like Tondiarpet, Basin Bridge, Nungambakkam and Pulianthope, the water is so contaminated that drinking it straight from the tap could be lethal. Replying to an RTI petition, the Corporation of Chennai said it had conducted repeat tests on water samples in 2010-2011.

Corporation officials said leaky pipelines, overflowing sewage, open defecation and corroded pipelines have led to severe water contamination in the city. The average age of underground pipes is 50 years. Rust has gnawed holes in the pipes that snake through the city's filthy underbelly. Sewage and muck seep into the pipes and the disgusting, and deadly cocktail, is delivered to houses in the city. R Valarmathi, a homemaker residing at Pulianthope, said the water she gets at home often stinks. She stores boiled water, but her two children hate how it tastes. "I'm scared when I see them drinking water straight from the tap." Packaged water provides some people with a relatively safe option to tap water.

Article Source: Times of India

Publication Date: Apr 28, 2012

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