Thursday, May 31, 2012

India - Coatings Research and Development - Solvay inaugurates RD&T center in India to focus on organic and green chemistry

Solvay opens a major Innovation Centre in India

New Research, Development and Technology Centre to focus on high-performance polymers, organic chemistry, nano composites and green chemistry

Solvay is today inaugurating its new Research, Development and Technology Centre at Savli, Gujarat State, India. The Centre will focus its efforts mainly on the development of high-performance polymers, organic chemistry, nano composites and green chemistry. Housed in a new and high-performance sustainable building, it will employ over 200 researchers when fully operational.

The RD&T Centre will tap the country's huge innovation talent potential and carry out open innovation in collaboration with premier institutes in India. The Centre has also established three fellowships for research in sustainable chemistry, nano technology and polymer science at the Maharaja Sayajirao University in Vadodara. The collaboration between university, research institutes and business organizations is essential to foster breakthrough innovation, speeding up the design process and the launch of new products in the market.
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Publication Date: 25 May 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

India - Corrosion Control Job - Manager, Inspection and Corrosion with an Oil & Gas Company in India

Discussion posted in our network We CAN Control Corrosion in India

Looking for Mgr Corr/Inspec/Integrity with an O&G org in India. Need exp in RBI, NDT,Radiography,static etc. with 21 days on & off pattern, please share your details on Thnx Kokil

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

India - Corrosion Research from Institute of Technology, BHU - Role of Okra (lady's fingers) mucilage as Green Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Research from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University

Chemically modified natural polysaccharide as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic medium. Polyacrylamide grafted with Okra mucilage is a biodegradable co-polymer. ► It is an effective green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 0.5 M H2SO4.
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Publication Date: June 2012

South Korea - Corrosion Research - Synthesis and corrosion inhibition behavior of imidazoline derivatives based on vegetable oil

Bio-diesel-based 2-(2-alkyl-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-1-yl)ethanol derivatives (A-DIEs) were prepared as green corrosion inhibitors to investigate their corrosion inhibition behavior.

Various A-DIE from vegetable oil (i.e. Soy-DIE, Palm-DIE, Castor-DIE) are studied for its corrosion inhibition properties as a function of concentration of A-DIEs.

It was found that even very small amounts of A-DIEs, e.g. 20 ppm, improved the corrosion inhibition property of mild steel in an acidic solution very strongly.

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Publication Date: June 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Corrosion of pipelines influences contamination of drinking water, a major concern for many Homemakers in Chennai

Tests show Chennai water full of toxins, germs

CHENNAI: Tap water in most parts of the city is full of disease-causing germs, toxic sediments and human and animal faeces. In places like Tondiarpet, Basin Bridge, Nungambakkam and Pulianthope, the water is so contaminated that drinking it straight from the tap could be lethal. Replying to an RTI petition, the Corporation of Chennai said it had conducted repeat tests on water samples in 2010-2011.

Corporation officials said leaky pipelines, overflowing sewage, open defecation and corroded pipelines have led to severe water contamination in the city. The average age of underground pipes is 50 years. Rust has gnawed holes in the pipes that snake through the city's filthy underbelly. Sewage and muck seep into the pipes and the disgusting, and deadly cocktail, is delivered to houses in the city. R Valarmathi, a homemaker residing at Pulianthope, said the water she gets at home often stinks. She stores boiled water, but her two children hate how it tastes. "I'm scared when I see them drinking water straight from the tap." Packaged water provides some people with a relatively safe option to tap water.

Article Source: Times of India

Publication Date: Apr 28, 2012

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India - Corrosion Awareness for Public - CAP Movement has been launched-13 May 2012

CAP welcomes the Public to view Public-Public Collaboration and Efforts made on solving corrosion problems faced by the Public. It's everything public to find answers for your corrosion problems.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

US - Corrosion Awareness for Legislators - Legislative Day on Capitol Hill, 29-31 May 2012.

Corrosion: The Low Cost of High Maintenance

NACE International in conjunction with ASM International organises a Fly-In and briefing on Capitol Hill to educate legislators about the important role of corrosion control and the need for legislation that promotes corrosion prevention technologies and initiatives. Meetings during this event will target leadership from the Appropriations Committee, the Armed Services Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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Publication Date: May 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

US-Corrosion Research - Corrosiveness of treated (tertiary) wastewater

An important observation on the corrosiveness of wastewater towards metal alloys

► Tertiary treatment (acidified Muncipal Waste Water, MWW treated by nitrification-filtration, and MWW treated by nitrification-filtration and granular activated carbon adsorption) increases corrosiveness of secondary treated municipal effluent. ► Removal of organic matter from municipal wastewater enhances copper alloy corrosion. ► Tolyltriazole inhibits mild steel and copper alloy corrosion in treated effluent.

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Publication Date: May 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Germany - Corrosion Research - Polymeric coating of Magnesium alloys used for orthopaedic implants - Laboratory test using Simulated Body Fluid (SBF)

An interesting study on the application of polyacrylonitrile coating on Magnesium alloys used for orthopaedic implants. This laboratory study uses Simulated Body Fluid (SBF) to test the corrosion degradation and biocompatibility of implants.

Article Source: Corrosion Science
Publication Date: May 2012

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