Sunday, April 15, 2012

India - Water Pipeline Leak - An unplugged water leak for 20 years in Nagpur - A strange practice of draining to keep the water pressure in rusted pipelines

NAGPUR: Even as water scarcity persists in parts of Nagpur city, there are at least a dozen places where water pipelines leak thousands of litres every day with no action from authorities. Surprisingly, in some areas, particularly in Shanti Nagar in Satranjipura zone, the leaks have been around for two decades without civic authorities taking any action.

On Tuesday, TOI spotted two places in this part of the city where thousands of litres of potable water is going down the drain due to leaks in major pipelines. Nearby residents said these leak have been around since two decades and despite many complaints water works department officials have not initiated measures to check the water wastage. With no effort to check water leakage, the people are left in the lurch, say residents.

"Most supply pipes in Nagpur are very old. Sealing leaks is a difficult proposition in such a network."

What Deputy engineer (water works), Satranjipura zone appeared to convey was that repairing these small leaks might raise water pressure in the rusted pipes and cause them to burst somewhere else. He also pointed out that they usually allowed a certain quantity of water to drain so that the pressure in pipes remains under control.

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Publication Date: 04 April 2012


  1. Hey this is absurd, People are struggling for Water & here for years together water is leaking !!

  2. Show the apathy of the Authorities & the Administration .

  3. Comments posted in our network We CAN Control Corrosion in India:

    Gurudas Saha • The discharge pressure into the drinking water lines can be suitably reduced before repairing the leaks so that increase of pressure due to leak repair is balanced.
    1 day ago


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