Sunday, February 12, 2012

India - Cathodic Protection for Concrete Corrosion - Do we have concrete CP in India?

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Posted by Pankaj, Saudi Arabia
1 day ago

Ashwini K Sinha • To my knowledge there is some concrete CP for structures like jettys. For large structures such as cooling towers, attempts are being made for introducing Concrete CP
22 hours ago

Gurudas Saha • To my knowledge there is CP of Concrete of a long river bridge in Goa. The CP was installed & executed by LIDA also located in Goa. Besides that lot of developmental activities have been undertaken by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi.
18 hours ago

Manickam Valliappan • Please elaborate your requirement. Are you looking for research partners or association with commercial houses? CECRI (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) is dealing with concrete CP research works. As Dr Saha said, CRRI has been actively involved in that area. If you want to establish research cum product development connection with those institutions, we can identify the best route for collaboration.
4 hours ago


  1. CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee has also initiated work in this direction. We would like to collaborate with interested agencies for development and implementaion of CP in RCC structures.

    1. Thanks. I will share this information with our group members (We CAN Control Corrosion in India on Linkedin (


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