Thursday, January 5, 2012

India - Knowledge Exchange Forum - Global Collaboration for Corrosion Management in India

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    Zaki Ahmad • unfortunately cooperation is also loosing its meaning . It all amounts to paying money to the colloborative partners .
    2 days ago•

    Jean-Pierre Audouard • I do agree with Zaki. How to build an efficient cooperation without putting money on the table ? Eventhough anybody is ready to share its knowledge, it takes time to do that and it is necessary to continuously invest in order to acquire new knowldege. Unfortunately, in the both cases, money should be involved.
    2 days ago•

    Manickam Valliappan • Prof Zaki and Dr Jean: It is interesting to note your analysis. Our sincere thanks to you all for bringing your experience to our continent. That's the great sign for developing collaboration among seasoned professionals and domain experts to share their knowledge at no extra cost.

    Since the complexity involved in analysing corrosion and finding investment justified solution, the end-users should have the confidence of taking the right solutions from the right people to find answers for their corrosion problems. In order for them to gain confidence on going for the cost-effective solution, various means are required. Global collaboration through knowledge exchange is the prime driver. This is the way our collaboration is established, maintained, managed and circulated among our Corrosion Control Community. This process determines the investment needs according to the roles undertaken by the stakeholders.


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