Tuesday, January 10, 2012

India - Drinking Water Pipeline Leakage - Disease Outbreak reported across the country

Source: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India.

Report Date: 13 Dec 2011: Gujarat - Surat - Acute Diarrhoeal Disease - Outbreak reported from Valmiki Viddhyalai, Valthangam, SC Kadodara, PHC Valan, Block Kamrej due to consumption of contaminated water. District RRT visited the affected area and investigated the outbreak. Leakage was found in water pipeline which may be cause of water contamination. Treatment of cases done symptomatically. 3 stool samples taken and send to Medical College, Surat; results are awaited. Chlorination of all drinking water sources done. IEC activities undertaken regarding safe drinking water.

Report Date: 16 Dec 2011: Haryana - Ambala - Acute Diarrhoeal Disease - Outbreak reported from Narayan Garh, Ward no. 6,7,9,10,13 due to consumption of contaminated and dirty water. District RRT visited the affected area and investigated the outbreak. PHED authorities informed to repair leakages in water pipelines and for disinfection of water supply. ORS packets and chlorine tablets distributed. Health education given regarding hygiene and sanitation.

Report date: 22 Nov 2011: Gujarat - Rajkot - Acute Diarrhoeal Disease - Outbreak reported from Village/PHC Bhadli, Block Jasdan. District RRT visited the affected area and investigated the outbreak. Cases are in the age group of 15 -50 years. Females are more affected than males. Treatment of cases done symptomatically. 3 stool samples sent to Rajkot, which tested positive for E. coli, and negative for Cholera on culture. Chlorination of water done and pipeline leakage repaired. IEC activities undertaken regarding safe drinking water.

Report Date: 12 Dec 2011: Tamilnadu - Thiruvannamalai - Cholera - Cases reported from Sorakulathur Harijan colony, HSC Sorakulathur, PHC Northampoondi. District RRT investigated the outbreak. Possible cause of outbreak was contamination of drinking water by leaking pipe. Out of 3 stool samples sent for culture to King Institute, Guidy, 1 sample tested positive for V.cholerae (Ogawa). Chlorination of water along with repair of leaking pipeline undertaken. IEC activities undertaken regarding safe drinking water, hygienic practices and sanitation measures.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

India - Infrastructure - Rs 2 crore Commonwealth Games Village flats good for only 20 years? - Is Corrosion a subject of Research or Corruption?

Despite 13 damaging reports from CBRI, DDA took no action on the glaring construction flaws in the Village, including lack of waterproofing that could cause flooding in the basement, that was pointed out as early as November 2009. Seepage had caused a lot of concern during the Games.

CBRI says: On seeing the permeability of the concrete and the corrosion of the reinforcing steel it gives an impression that, the service life of these towers can not be more than 20 years. These towers demand lot more expendure for the repair and retrofitting beyond this period. The audit memo points out that the reinforcing steel was never covered adequately despite three reports pointing to that deficit. The reinforcing steel is more prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture, oxygen, acidic environments and chlorides, which is why it is required to be covered. In many places there was chipping of the cover concrete.

Article Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Rs-2-crore-Commonwealth-Games-Village-flats-good-for-only-20-years/articleshow/7203125.cms#ixzz1ABO4tSRK

Publication Date: 2 Jan 2011

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

India - Corrosion Control Job - Oil and Gas Production - Cairn India advertisement for Corrosion Engineer

Cairn India

Position: Corrosion Engineer
Department: Pipeline Operations
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Work Pattern: 05 days on; 02 days off
Qualifications: Degree in Chemical / Mechanical / Corrosion

Profile -:
Minimum 8+ years in Inspections & Maintenance in Oil and Gas companies
Implement company inspection & Corrosion control policy
Develops & maintain databases for integrity management
Information gathering for compilation of Asset year plan & technical support

Article Source: http://www.cairnindia.com/Careers/Pages/CurrentOpening.aspx?UIDV=30&&section=2
About Cairn India: In India, Cairn has made 40 oil and gas discoveries. Three out of the seven landmark discoveries in India in the last decade have been made by Cairn. In January 2004, Cairn discovered the largest onshore oilfield in India since 1985 – the Mangala field in Rajasthan. To date, 25 discoveries have been made in Rajasthan.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UK - Transportation - Bridges - Serious corrosion fears keep A4 Hammersmith flyover closed: London Bridge nursery rhyme instigates our mind

Transport for London has been forced to keep the vital A4 Hammersmith flyover closed for further inspections because of serious corrosion of steel supporting cables.

Problems with external concrete sprawling have been known about for several years, but engineers and maintenance contractor Amey have called for extra time to assess the extent of damage within the 900m bridge structure. The flyover was closed on 23 December due to concerns about a serious structural defect.

The damage to the ageing 1960′s structure has been caused by water ingress, including salt water due to grit laid during the winter months, which has corroded and weakened supporting cables.

Article Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2012/01/03/serious-corrosion-keeps-a4-flyover-closed/
Publication Date: 03 Jan 2012

Referred by: http://integritythatworks.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/serious-corrosion-fears-keep-vital-road-in-london-closed/

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