Wednesday, December 28, 2011

India - Corrosion Control Job - An encouraging sign for recruitment of experienced professionals for Corrosion Management jobs in India

Corrosion Engineer (5+ years exp), Saipem India, Chennai

Senior Engineer - Materials (10-20 years exp), Flour Daniel India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Corrosion Scientist (7-12 years exp) - GE India Technology Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru

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    Zaki Ahmad • What different qualifications you are expecting for corrosion scientists and corrosion engineers.
    1 day ago.

    Manickam Valliappan • Execution of Corrosion Engineering functions without the basis of Corrosion Science is questionable. The formulation of scientific principles without giving due consideration for Engineering Applications and Failures is also uncertain in a variety of corrosion research works.

    The scientific portion of corrosion is based not only on general science, but also interdisciplinary subjects like Electrochemistry. This combination determines the complexity of Corrosion Science and Engineering.

    When we deal with opportunities in corrosion science we expect the Academic and Research community from disciplines like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Core Engineering to come with specific experience in corrosion analysis. This is also theoretically true for corrosion engineering. But in reality we need to go through a compromise process based on the market trend for availability of Corrosion Engineering Professionals. If the Industries don’t find the right pool, ultimately they will look at the second level of Core Functions like Operation, Process, Maintenance and Inspection with little experience of Corrosion to meet the demand of placing the people at the right time, not the right functions. This compromise process will determine what type of qualification we need for Corrosion Engineering.
    3 minutes ago


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