Wednesday, December 21, 2011

China - Oil and Gas Production - Leakage found in Zhuhai Terminal's subsea pipeline

December 19, 2011; Source: CNOOC Limited

CNOOC Limited announced, its subsidiary Zhuhai Hengqin gas processing terminal (“Zhuhai Terminal”) today received notification from Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration (“Zhuhai MSA”) that a leakage was found in the nearby subsea gas pipeline of the Zhuhai Terminal.

After the incident occurred, CNOOC Limited Shenzhen Branch immediately launched the subsea pipeline leakage emergency plan and shut down the production of relevant platforms of PY30-1 and HZ21-1 fields. Currently the terminal is under accelerated depressurization process. This incident neither caused any injuries nor environmental pollution, and the situation is under control.

Due to this incident the Company's net production will be affected by approximately 160 mcf per day (around 26,700 boe per day).

Article Source: Pennenergy
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Publication Date: 19 Dec 2011

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