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India - Corrosion Control - Our Network scored Double Century last year. We would like to invite the New Year 2012 with Triple Century

Our Network We CAN Control Corrosion in India scored Double Century Last Year. We would like to invite the New Year 2012 with Triple Century. We invite you to fetch us 11 more members to complete this record (two more golden days are there) and strengthen our collaboration.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

India - Corrosion Control Job - An encouraging sign for recruitment of experienced professionals for Corrosion Management jobs in India

Corrosion Engineer (5+ years exp), Saipem India, Chennai

Senior Engineer - Materials (10-20 years exp), Flour Daniel India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Corrosion Scientist (7-12 years exp) - GE India Technology Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru

India - Corrosion Control Job - Exp: 7 to 12 years - Corrosion Scientist with GE India Technology Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru

Corrosion Scientist with GE India Technology Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru

Role Summary/Purpose As a Materials Scientist, you will conduct basic and applied research in the area of corrosion and electrochemistry. You will be shaping the technical vision for the corrosion laboratory teaming with fellow scientists. You will be designing careful experiments to understand and mitigate several modes of corrosion in materials, analyzing data, and sharing results it in a global team set-up. You will also interact with characterization experts to interpret materials behavior post-experiments.

Article Source:

Publication Date: 23 December 2011

India - Corrosion Control Jobs - Exp: 10-20 years - Senior Engineer - Materials (Mechanical) in Flour Daniel India, Gurgaon

Senior Engineer - Materials (Mechanical) in Flour Daniel India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Job Description

•Metallurgical engineer with experience in performing a wide range of materials engineering services including materials, corrosion, welding, coatings, insulation, cathodic protection etc.

•Preparation of materials selection diagrams

•Preparation of specifications for materials, welding, insulation, painting and cathodic protection

•Review of documents submitted by the vendors

Article Source:

Publication Date: 26 Dec 2011

India - Corrosion Control Job - Exp: 5 plus - Corrosion Engineer with Saipem India, Chennai

Corrosion Engineer Job code: 426102

Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Material selection and to perform the corrosion rate calculation of involved materials Ensure anti-corrosion activities through all its phases. The management of failure analysis performed in qualified laboratories

Materials Engineer Job code: 426122
Chemical/Metallurgy/Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Collecting and analyzing the project technical specifications issued by Oil &Gas Companies with respect to materials and testing requirements. Experience in Corrosion calculations, inhibition and failure analysis, materials selection, testing and equipments chemical treatment.

Saipem is an international leader in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation services to the oil & gas industry. It is present in Chennai, India, with Saipem India Projects (SIP) Ltd.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nigeria - Oil and Gas Production - Bonga oil leak reported by Shell Nigeria

Update on SNEPCo response to Bonga oil leak, offshore Nigeria: oil sheen remains offshore and has thinned; source of leak found. Nigeria

The company has since halted the flow of oil from all export lines linking the FPSO to the tanker and estimates the amount of leaked oil at less than 40,000 barrels.

In a statement on its website Shell also outlined current assessments show as much as 50% of the leaked oil has already dissipated due to natural dispersion and evaporation. Mutiu Sunmonu, Shell’s country chair in Nigeria offered, "Since Tuesday, when we became aware of this regrettable leak at our Bonga offshore facility, substantial progress has been made in mitigating the consequences. The sheen has thinned considerably due to a combination of natural factors and dispersant application, and in places is breaking up, all of which should aid further dissipation.”

“Another significant development is that this afternoon we identified the source of the leak as a failure in a flexible export line. Let me express my heartfelt thanks to industry colleagues and government agencies for their ongoing support to mitigate the impact of the leak."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

India - Water Leakage - New pipes won't solve old problems in Public Water Distribution, a report from Kannur in Kerala

KANNUR: The city is reeling under acute water shortage. In the last three days, water supply was disrupted in many parts of the city. But now with the new project being planned to renovate the existing water supply network in the city, it seems the authorities are slowly waking up to address the issue.

Minister for water resources P J Joseph will inaugurate the Rs 67 crore project on October 1. A new 35-km-long pipeline would be installed parallel to the existing one from Pazhassi dam at Veliyambra to the Thana tank in the city. This is expected to solve the issue of frequent water supply disruptions in the city and the surrounding areas.

Pipelines in the area are built using 700 mm asbestos cement pipes and hence pipe burst is a persistent issue. Under the new project, these pipelines will be replaced with ductile iron pipes.

Article Date: Sep 30, 2011
Article Source: Times of India

India - Water Leakage - Frequent bursts in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) Public Water Distribution: Broken Concrete pipe replaced with Steel Pipe

Main residential areas in city affected

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The city faced severe water shortage on Monday after a major pipe-line bringing in water from Aruvikkara burst on Sunday night. This is the fourth major pipe-burst in the city in the last twenty-four hours. The last burst occurred on the Pipeline road near the Sasthamkode temple at Vazayila. The concrete pipeline here burst around 10.30pm on Saturday causing serious damage to two nearby houses. The compound wall of the two houses also came down due to the forceful gush of the water. One person was also injured. The water also jetted into other houses causing minor damages.

Long queues of tanker lorries were seen along various residential lanes often resulting in mild squabbles. Many hotels in the city were forced to serve food in parcels because of the water shortage.

Article Date: Dec 13, 2011

Article Source: Times of India

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

China - Oil and Gas Production - Leakage found in Zhuhai Terminal's subsea pipeline

December 19, 2011; Source: CNOOC Limited

CNOOC Limited announced, its subsidiary Zhuhai Hengqin gas processing terminal (“Zhuhai Terminal”) today received notification from Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration (“Zhuhai MSA”) that a leakage was found in the nearby subsea gas pipeline of the Zhuhai Terminal.

After the incident occurred, CNOOC Limited Shenzhen Branch immediately launched the subsea pipeline leakage emergency plan and shut down the production of relevant platforms of PY30-1 and HZ21-1 fields. Currently the terminal is under accelerated depressurization process. This incident neither caused any injuries nor environmental pollution, and the situation is under control.

Due to this incident the Company's net production will be affected by approximately 160 mcf per day (around 26,700 boe per day).

Article Source: Pennenergy
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Publication Date: 19 Dec 2011

India - Oil and Gas Production - Deen Dayal West offshore field facilities taking shape

Development of the Deen Dayal West field (DDW) off eastern India remains on schedule to deliver first gas in 2013, according to partner Jubilant Energy.

The wellhead platform was installed offshore this May and the jackup Deep Sea Driller–1 started drilling of four development wells in September. It will batch drill the tophole sections of the four wells before being replaced by a more economical modular rig early next year.

At the end of November, the wells were drilled to the following depths: DDW-D1- 2,616 m (8,582 ft) MD; DDW-D2- 2,806 m (9,206 ft) MD; DDW-D3- 2,464 m (8,084 ft) MD; and DDW-D4- 83 m (272 ft) MD. Post-spud fabrication of the platform continues at the contractor Larsen & Toubro’s (L&T) yard.

Article Source: Offshore Magazine
Publication Date: 08 Dec 2011
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

India - Oil and Gas Production - ONGC to invest in India’s B-127 oilfield, Mumbai Offshore

The company's board has approved the integrated development of the B-127 cluster, along with the additional development of the B-55 field.

The B-127 cluster comprises three marginal fields: B-127, B-157 and B-59, and is located east of the Mumbai High field, with significant hydrocarbon accumulations in multi-layered reservoirs within the Bassein and Panna formations. ONGC has in-place hydrocarbons of 24.6 million tonnes of oil and oil equivalent gas, of which 15.35 million tonnes in major pools is being considered for development.

The B-127 cluster development has an estimated cumulative production of 1.836 billion tonnes of oil and 2.093 billion cubic metres of gas over a ten-year period.

Article Source: Offshore Technology and Economic Times

Publication Date: 5 December 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

India - Drinking Water - Pipeline Corrosion leading to contamination of drinking water with sewer waste

New Delhi : The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has warned that water being supplied by Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is being contaminated with sewer waste, which is endangering the lives of millions of people in the capital.

MCD has also claimed that even though it has identifed about 950 water pipelines in Delhi passing through drains this year, DJB has only managed to repair 11. The municipal agency said majority of population in the city was receiving potentially hazardous water and half of Delhi lacks properly treated drinking water.

MCD's Medical Relief and Public Health Committee chairman VK Monga said, “Despite our repeated request the Delhi Jal Board has failed to take any action in checking supply of contaminated water. The impurities in the water supply are a mixing of sewer water with drinking water at several places. Consuming such water can cause health hazards such as gastrological diseases, typhoid, cholera and jaundice".

"We have been informing DJB about these faulty pipelines at regular intervals. The pipelines have corroded and sewer water is getting mixed with fresh drinking water. But in the last six months, they have done little to improve the condition of these pipelines. Of the 942 pipelines, which pass through drains, only 10 have been repaired so far. Residents of Delhi are forced to drink contaminated water", he added.

Delhi drinking water contaminated with sewer waste, says MCD

Article Source: India Water Review : October 3, 2011, 10:06 am

Thursday, December 1, 2011

India - Corrosion Prediction - How do we relate the Prediction of Corrosion using computer models to the reliability of materials selected for a new design?

When a new design is attempted we come across many instances of proven and unproven experience on the performance of materials. If the reliability of materials is unproven, exploring their use in a process environment is risky. Can we rely on Corrosion Prediction using computer models to convert the Unproven experience into a meaningful design?

Various functions involved in the functional analysis of corrosion management are: Predict-Design-Apply-Monitor-Control-Assess. Reliability and effectiveness of this functional analysis is centered on the flow of information from one component to another and the quality of data it takes in for various processes. Any broken link or avoidance of any component leads to “Uncertainties” that reduce confidence levels of finding “Optimal” solutions to corrosion problems.

Prediction needs to be done to carry out any functional analysis. Our “Own Experience” is a good starter followed by using the appropriate software models available for industry specific applications (Truth: Significant development is noticed for Energy sector only) and gathering experience from similar plants and systems. Technology providers with specific skills in Prediction form a systematic approach of identifying the design requirements and providing integrated solutions.

(Source: Our “Iron Pillar” Way to Resolve Corrosion Management Challenges in India, Chemical Engineering World, Feb 2010)

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