Tuesday, October 25, 2011

India - Corrosion of Concrete Structure - How do we view Corrosion problem? Is it for Industries only?

How do we view Corrosion problem? Is it for Industries only?

Background: My collegemate from Mechanical discipline approached our alumni network to resolve his domestic concrete corrosion issues.

Problem: How to counter the problem of corrosion in the reinforcement rods of roof/ceiling concrete?

The layer of concrete beneath the reinforcement rods in concrete roof, has got bulged and I am planning to repair it, by removing the loose material, and do replastering. 3 years back, I removed the complete weathering layer over the roof (including brick chips and sintered / country tiles) and re laid it, suspecting the weathering layer, after seeing the dampness in few areas, at the bottom of the ceiling. However, it seems that the mason has not done a perfect job.

Could you suggest any method of applying some protective coating on the corroded reinforcement rod, after removing the loose layer and before taking up the re-plastering.

I was told that once corrosion sets-in in the reinforcement rods, it can't be prevented totally.

Action: On our recommendations he approached some suppliers in the market who manufacture chemicals for rehabilitation of corroded concrete structure. He couldn't get the right info.

His experience: The manufacturers loose interest the moment I say it is for repairing a small patch of roof concrete, in an individual house. Probabaly they may be interested if the quantity involved is high.

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