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Our Network Discussion: Can anybody suggest how to start in the field of corrosion as a fresher?

Can anybody suggest how to start in the field of corrosion as a fresher?? I have Masters degree in corrosion engineering.

20 days ago
Posted by Ishan Patel, Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Kaushlendra Shukla • check this out and you will get to know how to start with it

19 days ago
Ashwini K Sinha • There are many industries dealing with corrosion & corrosion control. You may look into websites industries like IOCL, ONGC, GAIL, EIL etc for any vaccancies. You have done masters in corrosion engineering than what was your specialization? You can call me at 9650991195 sometime late in the evening or on saturday. Regards
18 days ago
Ashwini K Sinha • Dear Friends,
I have over 34 years of experience in Corrosion & Control in Power plants which includes failure analysis due to corrosion, corrosion monitoring, corrosion analysis, coolling water treatment, design of cathodic protection, protective coatings, corrosion audit, acid dew point corrosion, chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, selection of corrosion resistant materials, efficiency improvements, etc. My experience also covers setting up of R&D centres, water recycling, etc. I am working presently with NTPC and am due to retire in July 2012. I am looking for consultancy assignments in Corrosion related areas, establishment of labs, waters & waste waters treatments, control of corrosion etc. If any body has any requirements related to this, please contact me at or +919650991195. Thanking you in advance.
18 days ago
Ishan Patel • To Ashwini K Sinha
Thanks a lot sir.
As a speciallization, I have done laboratory testing of Hign nitrogen stainless steels in acidic environements for a year as a part of final year thesis at IIT Roorkee. That includes electrochemical methods like potentiodynamic polarization, EIS (Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) etc. Also I have knowledge of other ASTM test methods.

I will definetly contact you for the guidelines how to start my career as a fresher in corrosion field. The companies you suggested dont have current openings for fresher corrosion engineer. Last year there were 12 seats for MTech corrosion engineer in EIL.
17 days ago
Manickam Valliappan • @Ishan: Thanks for posting this important discussion.

As far the present opportunities are concerned, you can consider the following options.

1. Corrosion education - working with an academic institution.

2. Corrosion research and failure investigation - working with a private/government research institution/testing house.

3. Corrosion control service providers - CP, Chemical Treatment, Protective Coatings and Metallic/non metallic materials.

4. Corrosion consultant services - working with a freelancer or a plant design company/technical service provider.

5. End-users - Chemical, oil&gas, refining, thermal, nuclear, marine and infrastructure

What is your main interest? We can explore the best option (I would say Combination: you may choose to begin your career with research first and then move to the industries or consultant houses or service providers; This combination determines the level of professional growth in our domain) based on the market trend and individual interests..

I recommend you to put your CV in Job column of this network. We will continue our discussion.


  1. Ishan Patel • @Manickam Valliappan: Thanks for your interest sir.

    I am interested in working with the companies or Freelancer,who are involved with the research field that includes corrosion behavior study of the material environment systems and failure investigation and analysis.

    Secondly after some practical experience, I would like to work with the conslutant services which includes working with a plant design company.

    For these I am in search of interviews from the companies or big people in corrosion field. Which is the hard part and for that I have started this discussion.
    For the results of electrochemical lab techniques, I am able to analyse and interprete now itself.

    I will put my CV in the Job column of this network. I look forward to the discussion going on further. Thank you.
    14 days ago

    Ishan Patel • There is no way to put CV in the Job column of this network. Option is only for posting Job. What alternatively can be done?

    Akash Deep Verma • Even I would like to say with respected member of group, getting job in field of corrosion for a fresher is a difficult job, even i have face same kind of problem 2 years back, when it comes to corrosion every one is looking for big experience.

    I feel in corrosion Industry people do not want to give chance to freshers, even they are educated institute Like IITs.
    14 days ago

    Ishan Patel • @Akash: Lets look at the figures: There are 12 students passed out from my class of 2011 of corrosion engineering at IITR but none of them could get in to the field of corrosion. And eventually they seem to be leaving this field.

    There is something very wrong with the mentality of industries, or education system for corrosion or quality of student or something else.

    But, I will find out what is the problem, as soon as I get into the field corrosion or industry and focus it here.
    This is something very important (even it carries its important for the vision and mission of this group too) but not much focused.

    Thank you for your interest. We shall look forward to this.
    14 days ago

  2. Ashwini K Sinha • Problem is essentially that most of the managements have still not realized
    that corrosion is an important issue and needs devoted attention. This is the main reason due to which jobs as Corrosion Person are low. Only in Oil & Gas industry it is taken somewhat seriously due to safety being involved in that industry to a greater extent. Only thing I can say that awareness has improvement and we sincerely hope that it continues so that more job opportunities can increase.
    14 days ago

    Manickam Valliappan • When we start thinking on choosing corrosion management as our profession, the following Qs will bombard our mind:

    Q1: Is the market/industry favouring recruitment of proper personnel to deal with corrosion problems?
    Q2: Are the decision makers simply satisfying the needs of management to just fill the number of personnel through any means and get relieved of pressure from human resources management?

    Opportunities provided by decision makers who do not have proper understanding on the importance of corrosion control in industries are favouring many non-corrosion personnel to become "stop gap" corrosion professionals. These personnel outscores people choosing corrosion management discipline as their profession. If the attitude of these non-corrosion professionals is towards finding just an employment based on the market trend, the opportunities for real corrosion management personnel are denied in many ways.

    How do we convert these shortfalls into "REAL" opportunities for corrosion management professionals?

  3. Ashwini K Sinha • Dear Dr. Manickam,

    After 34 years in the field, I strongly feel that need for having corrosion specialist will only be felt when strong laws/standards/guidelines are issued by some statutory bodies like in western countries. Here everybody just pretends to understand corrosion related issues but does not want to address them. Oil & gas industry does pay some attention only because of safety involved & of course direct loss of their products. I feel some agency like NACE, SAEST, etc should take up with BIS & other agencies for
    adopting corrosion related standards and statutory guidelines. I had discussed with NACE India Executives recently in Delhi this issue and I hope somebody will take necessary action.

    14 hours ago

    Manickam Valliappan • Dr Sinha,

    It's great to see your views and efforts to put the youths of this network in the right direction. It will help them a lot to identify the gaps in present day corrosion management.

    I agree with your views on imposing the laws and regulations to know the importance of corrosion control efforts. Standardization is one way of finding a proper berth for our discipline.

    We can find job opportunities for Management Trainee in disciplines namely Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Chemical, Electronics and Electrical. Corrosion Management is presently considered as the discipline handled by personnel who do have formal experience in basic engineering disciplines. Does this indicate that handling of corrosion management needs some advanced understanding on the real world phenomena and finding appropriate answers to complex problems? If this is the approach for solving present day corrosion problems, there will be limited opportunities for graduates choosing corrosion science and engineering for their graduate/research works. This attitude should change.
    12 hours ago

    Ashwini K Sinha • Dr. Manickam,

    I think under the present scenario it may be worthwhile for the Corrosion specialists to look for some job opportunities in the industry in their base area and then start exploring for opportunities for corrosion analysis & control. All chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, sugar, water & waste water, power, etc are known to have corrosion related issues. These can be explored.
    5 hours ago

  4. Ishan Patel • For Q1,
    Least industries are in favour of recruiting corrosion professionals.
    Some years before due to less awareness in the corrosion education people were not available, so industries/market used to recruit such people who had faced the corrosion issues in their career, they need not to be from the corrosion relative background.

    Now they have changed and started recruiting NACE certified people, Though none of the NACE courses like CIP, CP, CAT includes fundamentals of metallurgy, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, sometimes even many of corrosion fundamentals. These courses are good for service purposes not for failure analysis and investigation. Some of the certified people even dont have relative background so that they can deal with the corrosion problems. But no problem, they are in demand. Companies dont feel the need of failure analysts. Thats how the problem with the employment of corrosion educated people arises.
    2 hours ago

    Ishan Patel • For Q2,
    The riddle between decision makers and HR dept can't be generallized. In every industries most of the HR dept. is full of Non-engineering professionals. And as Dr. Manickam said, decision makers are not aware of corrosion issues and management.
    2 hours ago

    Ishan Patel • Dr Sinha
    Your proposal is excellent in my opinion, if there are strong regulations over the industries by the government regarding this issue like western countries, undoubtly it will open up the opportuinities.
    Thank you veery much. Your effort in raising this issue in front of NACE India professionals is totally worthy and I positively hope that fruitful result will come out of that.
    2 hours ago

  5. Comments posted on a related discussion in NACE network.

    Budhadeb Duari • Since I am in pipeline field carrying oil,gas and water,I can comment on the same.With due respect to all IITs,I can say that corrosion studies in IITs is many years behind Universities in U.S.This is hard fact and please donot mind for the same.Recently I happen to hear a lecture by a very renounced Professor of IIT who is teaching corrosion and cathodic protection in IIT has remarked that cathodic protection potential can not be exceeded 850 mv for pipeline protection.Considering blistering by hydrogen evolution,companies (IOC,GAIL etc and also US companies) going as high as 1200mv.Generally,in IIT for corrosion engineering MSc are doing M.Tech and subsequently PhD.Corrosion Engineering is not only corrosion chemistry but electrical,mechanical,metallurgy engineering etc.Please pardon me for my remarks.Indian Oil,GAIL Pipeline Division are strictly applyiny corrosion theory into practice.Those who are doing M.Tech,PhD in corrosion can join IOCL,GAIL,Reliace Industries,EIL(SMMS Division),CECRI,NML,Jamshedpur etc Best regards.
    1 day ago

    Budhadeb Duari • Further NTPC,DVC are having corrosion Laboratories.Now they are very serious about corrosion.In fact,DVC is going invest 100 crores for Laboratory for vibration analysis and corrosoin.So,there are oppertunities there.Regards
    1 day ago


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