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Journal Article - Corrosion Research - Statistical approaches for assessment of water corrosivity

Statistical approaches for assessment of water corrosivity

Author: Lu, B T
Source: Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, Volume 46, Number 5, August 2011 , pp. 651-656(6)
Publisher: Maney Publishing

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Manickam Valliappan • "The corrosivity of water is difficult to be defined using single parameter such as the corrosion rate". This statement is valid in a variety of situations. Many people have the misconception of looking at corrosion rate only for finding appropriate solutions.

2 days ago

Ashwini K Sinha • Mostly corrosion rate is measured using coupons. Coupons give only cummulative effect after a defined period of time. This does not indicate the transients which are more important. Other things are water quality, microbiological/organic matter, operating conditions, extent of fouling/scaling, which affect the corrosion behaviour. As a matter of corrosion behaviour along with correlation with other factors should be monitored.
1 day ago

Satendra Kumar • Its really a good move to do but for this as suggested by Mr Manickam and Sinha many factors will influence the corrosion rate. However, considering few important factors with respect to materials and corrosivity from the particular environment on materials using corrosion handbook, a rough calculation can be made using statistics. You can try it but will definately have to work a lot to collect data from the researchers.
4 hours ago

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  1. Manickam Valliappan • The key for success in corrosion management is how effective we translate the research findings into application for industrial purpose and vice versa. Development of process specific research studies, material testing programs, material databases and corrosion-related standards for our Indian conditions is always a grand challenge for our industries and research institutions.

    2 hours ago


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