Thursday, July 7, 2011

India: Corrosion Management: Look down: Rather than turning to people who have more experience, seek out junior people.

The younger crowd often spots trends in technology long before even the best CIO knows of them (Source: Harvard Business). What is the postion with regard to corrosion management in India? Younger talent in our network is growing day by day.


  1. Ishan Home • New people can bring new ideas. cross functional teams always produce novel than the experienced people. But young and experienced both together are required managing corrosion issues.
    7 hours ago

    Manickam Valliappan • Can we say that problem nature and field of operation decide what type of blend is required for finding solutions/developing innovation? Corrosion problem is very complex in nature. It requires understanding of scientific principles to find appropriate solutions.If the experience is not there to visualize what is it, talent in using control technologies will be in question.

    As rightly said by Ishan, collaboration of young talent with experienced people is an essential requirement for corrosion control efforts. But the situation is different in sectors like Information Technology.
    6 hours ago
    Ishan Home • Absolutely correct. The nature of problem should decide which kind of personnel is required to deal with it. Once experts and experienced people set up a pefect approach for the problem, incorporation of the young people can be made to execute the methods, in conventional way by training young personnel and in novel ways by considering ideas of young personnel, under governance of the leader.

  2. Manickam Valliappan • I'd like to quote the following lines from Assessment of Corrosion Education, National Academy of Sciences, USA.

    Industry and government reliance on outside contractors to conduct the continuing education of the workforce or to act as corrosion consultants is ultimately unsustainable as these outsiders learned their trade in the industries and agencies that are now buying in their services and that are no longer employing (and hence training) their successors. This situation is aggravated by the retirement of the few people with corrosion expertise and the near absence of corrosion engineering experience in new hires emerging from graduate and undergraduate engineering programs.

    What would be the best approach to link the expertise of experienced people with the talent of newcomers for solving corrosion problems in India?

    12 hours ago


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