Saturday, July 2, 2011

India: Water Contamination due to Corrosion: A glass of E coli keeps South Mumbai unwell

Civic officials blame century-old pipelines in South Mumbai for contaminated water. “These pipe lines are corroded and vulnerable to bursts and leakages. In zero supply hours, sewage water gets easily mixed with drinking water resulting in contamination. It leads to several water-borne diseases,” explained BMC officials.

Out of 446 water samples collected by the civic body, 104 were reported unfit for drinking in non-slum areas. In the slum areas, 156 samples of the 762 tested were unfit for consumption. The BMC says 20% of the city water is not fit for drinking. Water samples in Byculla have the highest number of E coli presence with 17 cases. It is followed by Kurla with 14 and Colaba with 6.

Dr Sharad Shah, gastroenterologist at Jaslok hospital said: “I have been getting E coli cases frequently. People suffering from the disease get cramps and suffer from diarrhoea. They should take antibiotics within two to three days of the infection and seek proper treatment.” Added BMC’s chief health officer Anil Bandiwadekar: “People should boil water before drinking and clean their storage tanks.”

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Article Date: 01 July 2011

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