Monday, July 11, 2011

India - Standards - BIS: Will Corrosion lead to deleterious effect on the intended purpose: Security of Steel Flush Door Shutters?

Draft Bureau of Indian Standards: Steel Flush Door Shutters - Specification has been circulated for public opinion. Last date for comment: 31 Aug 2011

Our views on the following clauses:

11.1 The following tests shall be conducted on the door shutter in accordance with IS 4020 (Part 1 to 16):
a) Dimensions and squareness test.
b) General flatness test.
c) Local planeness test.
d) Impact indentation test.
e) Flexure test.
f) Edge loading test.
g) Shock resistance test.
h) Buckling resistance test
j) Slamming test.
k) Misuse test.

Corrosion and related phenomena are nowhere included in this specification. Our Indian conditions are widespread and its effects on corrosion are evident in saline (coastal) and polluted industrial atmosphere. CECRI has recently updated Corrosion Map of India for atmospheric corrosion.

The type of paint used shall be as specified in IS 1477(Part 2) or be of any other type as agreed to between the manufacturer and the purchaser. The colour shall be as agreed between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

The purpose is not only the colour, it should be the life of shutter by providing a proper control measure. If the awareness is not there for corrosion among the manufacturer and the purchaser, the selection of control measure will be in question.

@Members of our forum: your active participation in this discussion is solicited for sending our collective inputs to Bureau of Indian Standards.

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