Tuesday, July 12, 2011

India: No significant focus on Material Conservation Efforts through Corrosion Management in Industry-Acdemia Workshop conducted by our national agency

Industry-Academia Workshop on Refining & Petrochemicals Organised jointly by Petroleum Federation of India-Lovraj Kumar Memorial Trust & Chennai Petroleum Corporation of India. Date: March 16-19, 2011

In its continuing endeavour to provide opportunity to teaching faculty to upgrade their knowledge, the Petroleum Federation of India in its series of Industry Academia Interface programme organised a four-day residential workshop on Refining & Petrochemicals from March 16- 19, 2011 jointly with Lovraj Kumar Memorial Trust (LKMT) & Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(CPCL), Chennai. A study tour was also organized to the Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.(TPL) and CPCL Refinery on March 19,2011.

The 15 lectures delivered by industry experts were attended by 24 teaching faculty members from various Engineering Colleges / Universities in the states of Kerela, Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.There was no participation fee and they were provided complimentary boarding & lodging by CPCL.

Focus on the following topics was made in this workshop.

Plant Reliability: Concern & Mitigation from Maintenance Perspective

Corrosion Management seems to be deserted in this workshop.

Article Source: http://www.petrofed.org/16-19_Mar_11.asp

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