Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corrosion Management Summit on Coatings and Linings conducted by CII, India, 24-25 Aug 2011, New Delhi

Event Description

The impact of corrosion on the nation’s exchequer is a staggering figure of Rs 2 lakh crores. These expenses can be brought down to half if the good practices are followed to prevent and control the corrosion. This offers a big opportunity to save cost and also enhance the life of products, plant & machinery, and civil structures.

Date and Venue
Start Date: Aug 24, 2011, End Date: Aug 25, 2011
Venue: INDIA HABITAT CENTRE, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Confederation of Indian Industry
CII Gurgaon Office
249-F , Sector 18
Udyog Vihar
Phase IV
Phone : 91-124-4014060-67
Fax :91-124-4014080
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  1. I would like to recall comments posted on last year event.

    There is a misconception that only one control method like painting is available for corrosion control. Many critical applications call for using corrosion resistant materials (CRAs). We need to take several factors into consideration for choosing the right system. In many process systems prime focus is on protecting the exteriors like painting building structures since there is no supporting data availble to tell about the corrosion of interiors. There is no awareness for internal corrosion in India. The users should see where protection is required - external, internal or both.


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