Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Information Management for Material Selection: Influence of Social and Technology Networking Systems

A new material cannot be employed in a design unless the engineer has access to reliable material properties and, hopefully, costs. This illustrates one reason why the tried and true materials are used repeatedly for designs even though better designs could be achieved with newer materials. At the start of the design process, low-precision but all inclusive data are needed. At the end of the design process, data are needed for only a single material, but they must be accurate and very detailed.

Information comes through various channels: Handbooks, International/National/Company Standards and Specifications, Research Reports, Technical Publications, Market Survey Reports, Materials Databases, Expert Systems, and Process Specific Research Studies.

Internet based systems play a crucial role in assisting the designers and material selection personnel to fetch the proven experience of materials considered for similar process situations elsewhere in the world. The modern day social and technology networking systems facilitate the researchers, material suppliers, designers, consultants and industries personnel to exchange their views on selection and find appropriateness of selected materials. “We CAN Control Corrosion in India” is an example networking group. This group establishes global level multi-dimensional communication pathways (Technology Providers-Technology Users-Academic and Research Institutions-Professional Associations-Legislation Support) and guides professionals from various disciplines and other technology groups to network with the best material selection knowledge source for corrosion management (Source:

Article Source: Chemical Engineering World, May 2011

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