Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Disturbing News for Corrosion Management Education in Gujarat, a leading industrialised state of India: No student enrolment for PG Diploma Course in Corrosion Technology conducted by MS University of Baroda.

(News Feed provided by Dr Mukesh Pandya, a member of We CAN Control Corrosion in India Networking Group)

Astounding corrosion costs reported in various media in India raise many questions and call for immediate actions to reduce such costs through various means of corrosion control available all over the world. Heavy Industries Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said three per cent of nation's GDP is wasted due to corrosion of machines and tools which can be saved with proper maintenance and repair. "Maintenance is really the backbone of any engineering industry. Very serious industrial accidents have happened due to poor maintenance," Deshmukh said here while inaugurating CII's Industrial Maintenance Expo (News Source: Press Trust of India / New Delhi August 04, 2010, 16:00 IST; http://business-standard.com/india/news/corrosion-eats3gdp-vilasrao-deshmukh/103930/on)

Gujarat is the leading industrialised state of India. MS University of Baroda in Gujarat is conducting a PG Diploma Course in Corrosion Technology (http://www.msubaroda.ac.in/courses.php?fType_code=4&fCourse_type=P.G.Diploma). It has come to our knowledge that in M S University, in the post-graduate course on corrosion technology, no student has studied in last five years. University has started many post-graduate courses in different subjects in last few years, out of which some have been successful, and on other hand some of the courses have been unsuccessful due to less number of students.

The PG course in corrosion technology is an example of such a failure. In the senate meeting held on 30th March, senate member from technology, Dr. I. I. Pandya had asked about, how many students are enrolled in this course. In reply University authorities have confessed that since 2006 till 2010, within five years, no student has completed this course.

As per information which came to the surface in account of this question, some students, after getting admission in the first semester of this course, had cancelled their enrolment in the second semester; which include student leaders intending to take part in the election canvassing. Amazingly, the university authority has continued this course even though no student was enrolled. In past, packaging technology course, started in the technology faculty, had to be discontinued after two years, due to lack of students. Similarly, instrumentation technology course, started in the science faculty, had to be terminated (News Source: Gujarat Samachar, Baroda Edition dated April 3 2011; Image Link: PG Diploma Course in Corrosion Technology Conducted by MS University of Baroda)

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