Saturday, April 30, 2011

CII asks Government to introduce Corrosion Prevention Act - Contributions from Indian Diaspora

New Delhi, Apr 24 (PTI) The government should introduce financial support through legislation for preventing corrosion of machines, pipelines and industrial structures as companies lose a whopping Rs 2 lakh crore annually due to such damages, CII today said. The chamber has asked the industry and government "to collaborate to introduce the Corrosion Act in India, like US, which provides incentives to organisations for taking preventive measures against corrosion".

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Efforts of Indian Diaspora for Corrosion Control in India: Significant population of Indian experts working in this domain live outside India.

There is a greater dependency on the external resources for finding a suitable way of controlling corrosion in India. Our technology group, We CAN Control Corrosion in India, is an Open Source Knowledge Management group launched for Corrosion Control in India. This group brings the experience of Indian Diaspora and the Overseas Experts for developing collaboration with the talent pool in India. An open source survey has been launched by this group. This group establishes global level multi-dimensional communication pathways (Technology Providers-Technology Users-Academic and Research Institutions-Professional Associations-Legislation Support) and guides professionals from various disciplines and other technology groups to network with the best knowledge source for corrosion management. Our focus is on using the best resources for Predict-Design-Apply-Monitor-Control-Assess processes to find a suitable Iron Pillar Way of controlling corrosion in India and share our experience with the technology networking community.

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