Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Overhaul of Water Injection North (WIN) platform at ONGC-Mumbai High field, India.

ONGC has awarded Leighton Contractors India refurbishment work for the Water Injection North (WIN) platform at Mumbai High field. The $141-million contract involves overhauling process and utility equipment at the 25-year old platform. Leighton will perform the work on an EPC basis, removing equipment, piping, valves, instrumentation, controls and electrical facilities, and installing new, more modern systems for treatment of sea water and injection of treated water at 320,000 b/d.

Facilities being upgraded include sea water lift pumps, injection pumps, fire water pumps, fuel gas conditioning systems, filtration systems, treatment systems, and the distributed control system. This is Leighton’s third offshore project for ONGC, the others being the PRP2 and G1-GS15 projects. Work is due to be completed in March 2012.

Article Source: Offshore-mag.com
Publication Date: Mar 3, 2011


  1. Huge funds are allocated to repair corroded structures/pipelines in a 25 year old asset: $141-million contract involves overhauling of Water Injection North (WIN) platform at ONGC-Mumbai High field, India.

    What is the status of corrosion control in India? Is replacement of corroded structures the only solution for assuring the integrity of assets?

  2. It's supposed that Leighton scratched crude oil pipe line which was damaged and the oil was spilled into the sea in January 2011.
    Will such company be able to surely perform the contract?


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