Friday, February 11, 2011

Wall Construction Material is the cause for corrosion of metal components and the premature failure of household systems

The Chinese Drywall court ruling and what it means to you: How Chinese drywall causes corrosion

In the case of metal components in homes with Chinese drywall, the sulfur gases form sulfide deposits on metal surfaces. This in turn causes the sulfur to “consume” the metal, replacing it with sulfides. This corrosion is what has caused the premature failure of such household systems as electrical wiring and mechanical devices in homes with Chinese drywall; many homeowners have reported such system failures during their first three years in their homes. This corrosion also affected household appliances containing silver parts, like TVs and computers, also causing them to fail prematurely. In fact, based on scientific measures, the Virginia families’ homes all demonstrated severe levels of corrosion.

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