Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stop Water Leaks with Stainless Steel

In 1997 the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) took a bold decision and replaced their existing cast iron raw water rising main from the Mettur Dam reservoir with a stainless steel line. They were facing severe problems due to corrosion of the cast iron pipes - namely leakage and pressure drops and expensive repairs/replacements of sections every two or three years. The life of the cast iron line was a little over 20 years. Salem Steel Plant offered the stainless steel option, costing not much over the existing line. A conservative life assurance of 50 years was given, although it could probably go on for many more decades. Now, after seven years of service, there has been "zero maintenance" in the line and tremendous savings in electricity bills. TWAD is very happy about the bold step taken years ago.

Article Report Date: 2004

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  1. In case of a leak, a geophone will detect the leak through the sound and it will then amplify that sound so that you will detect the sound yourself when you listen carefully for underground movement.


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