Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where do we stand for corrosion control in India? What is the present position on Knowledge Management for Corrosion Control efforts in India?

Subject: Technical  Paper : CORCON 2010 Conference & Expo on Corrosion

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We thank you for the submission of abstract titled “Our "Iron Pillar Way" of Knowledge Management for Corrosion Control in India” of your paper for the presentation during our CORCON 2010 Conference. With great appreciation for your experience and expertise on subject matter of your paper, we note that your paper does not contain any new information with regards to corrosion and its protection / control and therefore it is not possible for us to accept it for the presentation during the conference.

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Title: Our "Iron Pillar Way" of Knowledge Management for Corrosion Control in India.


The Iron Pillar of India has withstood corrosion for over 1,600 years in the open air. But the present position on corrosion problems faced by many industries in India seems to be a disturbing fact. Considering the complex nature of corrosion management analysis, knowledge sharing between individuals and the network of various agencies throughout the world is essential. This paper presents a framework designed to set up Knowledge Management electronic platform for innovation and building bridges between professionals, technologies and management systems. "We CAN control corrosion in India" is an example knowledge management networking group launched on Linkedin, a social networking site available in public domain for exchange of knowledge and views, to establish global level multi-dimensional communication pathways (Technology Providers-Technology Users-Academic and Research Institutions-Professional Associations-Legislation Support) and guide professionals from various disciplines and other technology groups to network with the best knowledge source for corrosion management. This paper highlights the efforts taken by the corrosion technology networking group to support the initiatives of global indian knowledge connection platform created by the government agencies and the corrosion control efforts of various agencies in India.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Corrosion job opportunities in Qatar through a detailed engineering and project management consultancy company in India

Aarvi Encon is an ISO 9001:2008 detailed engineering and project management consultancy company providing service to chemical, Petrochemical, power, fertilizer, oil & Gas companies.

Corrosion Engineer Positions in Qatar

Main Responsibilities:
  • To provide technical support for issues related to material and corrosion control during start up of new company facilities on and offshore and onshore sites.
  • To provide technical input to Engineering and Venture projects and make corrosion control and material selection recommendations.
  • Review of asset operating philosophies and material selection diagrams to identify corrosion risks and development of integrity operating windows.
  • To monitor performance of corrosion control and mitigation programs for onshore and offshore facilities.
  • To evaluate effectiveness of pipelines corrosion inhibition programs and make recommendations to management based on findings.
  • To develop corrosion descriptions and corrosion loops for Risk Based Inspection programs for existing and new facilities.
  • To support the development, implementation and maintenance of corrosion control procedures.
  • To provide expert advice and assistance on matters pertaining to corrosion mitigation and monitoring.
Qualifications / Experience:

B.Sc in Metallurgy or Material Science and Engineering. Post graduate studies in Materials & Corrosion will be an advantage.
10 years' hands-on experience of materials and corrosion, in relevant Process Industries such as Oil & Gas Onshore and Offshore facilities , LNG Plants and Refineries.
The Corrosion Engineer will report to designated person of the Integrity and Reliability Division and work to the instructions given.
Period of work is initially expected to be for 6 months, with the possibility of being extended further.

For more information, please contact
Purshottam Jagiasi

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Landmark lifeline across Hooghly chewed up by Gutkha - Spit eats into base of bridge


Spit-o-cracy is threatening the safety of Howrah bridge with the daily onslaught of gutkha spat out by pedestrians corroding the protective hoods at the base of its pillars.

Officials of Calcutta Port Trust, the custodian of the 67-year-old bridge that bears the weight of over a lakh vehicles every day, said the commuters’ collective spit power had reduced the thickness of the steel hoods protecting the pillars from six to three millimetre since 2007.

How can Howrah bridge be saved from gutkha spit? Tell ttmetro@abpmail.com

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