Thursday, April 29, 2010

Specialized Study on ‘Indian Chemical Industry - Technology Imperatives & Business Opportunities for Speciality Chemicals

The Indian chemical industry, one of the oldest indigenous industries, has been contributing significantly to both industrial and economic growth of the country. There exists an ardent need for making the vibrant downstream industries capable of producing world-class end products through process intensification. This is aimed at establishing a strong presence of Indian chemical industry in the international arena. India also needs to be positioned as global R&D destination so as to attract quality human resources.

Considering the importance of the sector, TIFAC intends to commission a study jointly with Indian Chemical Council (ICC) on ‘Indian Chemical Industry - Technology Imperatives & Business Opportunities’ with emphasis on speciality chemicals. The study aims to capture the needs and aspirations of the Indian chemical industry by formulating a technology roadmap for the speciality chemical sector.


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  3. It is interesting to note Partnership program your company has with universities, companies and institutes to share knowledge and ideas and drive forward research and development for giving quality products and services to the endusers.

  4. Indian Chemical Industry plays major role in Indian Economy. India is now one of the biggest suppliers of chemical products & commodities worldwide.


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