Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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  1. Thank you for opening this Blog on corrosion control. It will give people a chance to give their opinion in this matter.
    Is there a government or industrial body in India for corrosion and corrosion control, like the NACE in USA? If not, it is high time that we have such a body to co-ordinate all activities and develop standards. I do not think we have a journal solely dedicated to corrosion. Why not start one?

  2. NACE India chapter is there. There is another association, National Corrosion Council, functioning from CECRI, Karaikudi. OISD (Oil Industry Safety Directorate) develops standards, especially for hydrocarbon production and refining sectors. There are many disparate arms of governmental and private institutions concentrate on certain areas of corrosion management. Our role at this stage is to identify the existing resources and the gaps we need to fill in to find a suitable "Iron Pillar Way" through our knowledge management network.

  3. NACE India chapter is a part of NACE. But who is representing India in World Corrosion Organization? There should be a single organization for India.

  4. No representation from India. Our role here is to integrate all activities and resources available in India and find a suitable representation. You can see participation from China and Japan Corrosion Associations in World Corrosion Organization.

  5. National corrosion council (NCCI)of India is also conducting seminar and conferences on corrosion and its control. If you want to know the basics of corrosion, pl. try to attend the conference. NCCI is going to organize 15th national conference at chennai during 16-18, Sep.2010. This conference will be conducted in collaboration with CENTRAL ELECTROCHEMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE and INDIAN MARITIME UNIVERSITY.
    Maruthamuthu, Microbial corrosion group, CECRI


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